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D – Decoration


Today we have the fourth prompt: decoration!

(This will be the only thing I’ll do on this blog until it’s over)

D-Decoration (26X26)

“Felix! You forgot to decorate!

Lucia froze. Was that code? Maybe for… kill those people?

Antonia looked just as confused, which was a relief, honestly. “Felix? What’s wrong with Uncle?”

Felix shrunk under the questioning stare of Antonia. “I don’t— I don’t know! He’s been like this for a while!”

De- cor- ation!” The strange man cried out. He threw petals from… oh god that was poison ivy.

Lucia tried to run, because she did plan on dying from some random poison.

Felix must’ve noticed the dangerous leaves, because he yanked everything out the door and slammed in his face.

Lucia wasn’t proud of it—and will deny it at all costs—but she blushed when Felix grabbed her hand.

Antonia ran. Lucia ran even faster. Felix walked at a calm pace, which confused the girls. They were about to die from his uncle and he was walking?!

Felix broke into a jog to catch with the two girls. “Why are you running?”

Lucia was about to say she was just exercising, when a bright golden flash interrupted her thoughts. Fire.

“OH GOD OH GOD HE GOT THE TORCHES RUN RUN RUN!” Felix could run very fast, as she just found out.

They all sprinted for a while, only stopping when they couldn’t a) see the fire and b) collapsed.

Antonia dug out some strange crystals from a small pouch around her waist. How had Lucia not noticed that before?

She breathed some words onto the sparkly gems and they lit up.

She then threw them on some wood and they had a (contained and safe) fire going.

Lucia couldn’t believe it. Magic? Oh no. Was Antonia secretly a follower of the goddess Hecate? Was she going to turn them in?

Felix, instead of doing the sensible thing and panicking, simply put his hands close to the fire. “Mm, nice and warm.”

Lucia spluttered in a very attractive, surely, way. “Wha- how- when- HECATE!”

“Hecate?” Antonia asked, confused. “What… oh! No, no, don’t worry. These are stones that were near the stable that Jesus was born; they are infused with helping power of sorts.”

As soon as she said “helping power”, Lucia noticed that she was still shivering slightly. “Oh, Antonia! Get closer to the flame, please! You’ll freeze!”

“Thank you, mater. I’m fine.” But Antonia did pull her cloak from Felix’s house closer around her shoulders.

“How long- how long have you been doing this for?”

Antonia’s eyes got misty. “When my mother showed me how. Years.”

Felix broke the moment of silence by suggesting sleep, which they all happily agreed to, considering it was already dusk.

Lucia lay down. Her eyes felt very heavy, so she closed them and fell into the world of nightmares.

Word count: 479!

Happy writing, everyone! Αυτοί!

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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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