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N – Nice

Nah. I pushed the thought aside. Saving the world? Me? The ornaments were talking in hushed tones, so I couldn’t really listen in, so I went back to sleep. In the morning, I woke up, ate, went to school, blah de da. Although, something interesting happened at school that I think I’ll share. So whenContinue reading “N – Nice”

M – Mistletoe

“Yeah, Mom, I’ve been good this year,” I joked. She just smiled and returned to her eggs she was cooking. “Scrambled eggs?” 💙💙💙 Just so you know, I won’t be filling this story with personal info. Like oh I like him or her this person backstabbed me blah blah blah things. Only what happens duringContinue reading “M – Mistletoe”

L – Lights

^NEW STORY!^ Salvete! It was night. When everything came alive. And no one could stop it. “Get off! Hustle, everyone!” the leader shouted. The tree almost fell over as the ornaments rolled off. Yeah, you read that right. The ornaments. I guess I should introduce myself. Hi. I’m Melody—that one crazy person in the backContinue reading “L – Lights”

K – King

Salvete! “So… uh…” That was it. No more words left. Felix scrapped the plan. New plan: get Lucia and Antonia get to safety. Felix fished out one of Antonia’s crystal—a levitation one—from her bag. He whispered the words needed to kickstart the spell. Nemesis realized a second too late that Felix was getting away withContinue reading “K – King”

J – Jolly

Salvete, αmιcαε! Felix ran to Lucia. She didn’t look good; she was bleeding and passed out. Antonia was looking better, considering the lack of blood. Felix couldn’t help himself. He kissed Lucia gently as she lay on the ground. She stirred slightly. He turned to face Nemesis, who was smiling. “You have feelings for theContinue reading “J – Jolly”

I – Ice Skates

Salvete! You now the drill: new prompt=new story section! As Felix studied the plants more thoroughly, he noticed something strange. They all looked withered and dead, but were still green. Nemesis seemed to realize that Felix was no longer unconscious and ready for more interrogation. “You are awake.” “Didn’t notice,” he muttered. “And healthy enoughContinue reading “I – Ice Skates”

H – Holly

Salvete, amicae! We have the prompt for H now! (Sorry for posting this so soon after G) •This is Felix’s point of view!• Felix gasped as a giant twisted his arm behind his back. He desperately transmitted to the nearest minds he could sense. Help! Danger! Help! He faintly heard Antonia’s voice say back, where!Continue reading “H – Holly”