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WDYTB: We Dare You To Blog!

Salvete, my amicae! I found a fun competition by Evin and Maggie here and here… and of course I’m doing it! Guys, this is going to be awesome! I’ll be posting the dare posts, but I won’t say it’s a dare post! I’ll use the category of WDYTB, but other than that you’ll really haveContinue reading “WDYTB: We Dare You To Blog!”


I’m quickly writing this because I found out that Eesh is copying our blogs. For those of you who are unaware of who Eesh is, he’s a new blogger on … 🚨WARNING: EESH IS COPYING OUR BLOGS🚨 Yikes!! Guys, make sure your content STAYS your own creative content! Though: please don’t go hate commenting onContinue reading “Reblog • 🚨WARNING: EESH IS COPYING OUR BLOGS🚨”

jUsH sHoMe pIcTuReSh

Shalvete! I recently got PicCollage, and I’ve made (too many) collages and I thought I could make a post out of that because I needed to post something T^T So I’ll be ranking ‘em cause this needed more diversity 😁 There’ll be ten spots to uh have. (And I’ll write it in Latin cause placementContinue reading “jUsH sHoMe pIcTuReSh”