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26 X 26: Prompts A-C

(Btw everyone I’m going on a longer hiatus over on Silveny Writes)

Salvete, everyone!

I’m going to attempt the…


The 26 X 26 Writing Challenge!


  • Use the word-prompt in the written piece.
  • Don’t edit/change anything in your piece after 26 minutes have passed. Post it as is.
  • Ping-back each post to that day’s word-prompt post, so that everyone will be able to read your piece.
  • Use 26X26 tag
  • Use the post’s featured image in your post.

So I missed the first two (out of time unfortunately) so I’ll give myself 26 minutes for each separate prompt. (And I know the first technically don’t count)

A – Angel

A-Angel 26X26 (original post by Bulbul’s Bubble)

Lucia watched in horror as her dear brother Hadrian was taken captive by the feared Roman soldiers for publicly declaring his love for Christ. It was almost Christmas, a dangerous day to celebrate in the days of pagan Rome.

One solider roughly shoved Hadrian outside as Lucia’s mater cried and begged them to take her instead.

Pater clenched his fists and muttered under his breath, barely able to contain his anger. Attacking the pagans, especially tough Roman pagans, would never and could never end well.

Hadrian, through his abduction, was clasping his hands and whispering. He was probably praying to God for mercy.

But Lucia knew, though she didn’t like it, that her brother would become one of the talked-about martyrs. Killed in the name of a pagan empire bent on ruling the world. How lovely.

But not only her brother would die a bloody, painful death. Her entire family, including herself, would most likely meet the same end.

Lucia knew she had to run if she wanted to live as long as a regular Roman. That is, a life without disruptions and Death knocking at every door.

That same night, Lucia gathered her courage, as well as food, drink, and clothes. She shouldered her sack. Where would she go? She had no friends. No one to turn to. She would be on her own, in this bloody world. If she was lucky, maybe she would make it to the barbaric lands, or perhaps an angel would guide her to a safe, new life. If she was lucky.

Lucia made sure her mater and pater were sound asleep. Perhaps… perhaps they would be relieved. One less person to lose. One less mouth to feed. One less Christen to hide.

Maybe Lucia would find someone along the way. Fellow followers of God. Who would help her, feed her, and have her back, even.

She pushed down the growing lump of worry that was quickly growing in her stomach.

This was not the time to fret and over-think. It was the time to act, be strong. And, the darkest part of her thought. The part that always would jump at the chance to stab a Roman who hurt her family. And kill some Romans.

She ignored the thought. That would make even more a criminal than the Romans. Lucia would not sink to their level.

Another idea to stay safe was to become a slave-girl for a kind family. Of course, she couldn’t bring her hand-copied (by her pater) Bible, as that would reveal her as a horrible Christen. Instead, she would nod along with the ideas of Jupiter and Juno and all the others. Yes, she would say. Yes, these are the true gods, with their might and power and glory. I have always believed in these gods.

Lucia shook the thoughts out of her head. It had been an hour already! She was always teased by her siblings for her over-thinking and over-analyzing things.

She would go out, out into the open world and see where the road would take her.

(I am speechless. About 500 words?! What?!) (Also sorry for the several misspellings of Christian)

B – Bells

B-Bells 26X26

Lucia was finally out the door, after thinking over anything that could happen. She was packed and had stumbled out the door at midnight.

Hadrian’s terrified yet calm demeanor haunted her at every step. Would that soon be her? Or would she succeed at hiding and running away—like a coward. Already, Lucia’s doubt was starting to slow her down and force her to turn around.

Lucia closed her eyes and hummed a tune that her father taught her. She couldn’t exactly remember all the words, but she did remember that it was a song of courage and never backing down. Of the great heroes of the Bible. Noah, who withstood the great flood and won God’s favor. Joseph, who became a slave, betrayed by his brothers and rose up to the title of Pharaoh.

This gave her the strength to continue.

Lucia walked and hummed for maybe about a mile when she found a girl with long auburn hair, unlike Lucia’s short, dark hair. Tan skin, unlike Lucia’s pale color. And the clothes of someone who was rich and swollen with greed.

But the ridiculous thing was that she was holding a Bible. With jewels and golden edges. This sacred book in this strange girl’s hands compelled Lucia to stop and ask her name.

“Hm? Oh, the name given to me is Antonia. What is yours?”

“Lu- Lucia. Why are you holding a Bible?”

“This? Well, I am reading the book of Psalms. Rather lovely, aren’t they?”

“Yes. Yes, that is my favorite book in the Bible. And why are you out here, and not in your castle?”

Antonia’s piercing green eyes narrowed. “My father. He does not… approve of Christians. He thinks they are malicious people. I am one. He kicked me out and onto the streets. Now, why are you out here?”

“My brother.” Lucia whispered. “He was taken by soldiers to be killed, made a martyr.”

Antonia softened at the sound of the horrible reason. “I see. That is unfortunate, to say the least. Would you like to travel together? I would like the company.”

Lucia nodded a yes for Antonia.

She smiled and closed her fancy Bible. “Someone else I know would like—I think—to travel alongside us.”

Antonia took the lead for… Lucia did not know how long. The only fact she knew was that her feet hurt and she definitely needed a break.

Just as Lucia was about to declare a stop, Antonia approached a house that had seemingly appeared out of thin air. She took out a golden bell and rung it three times, in a certain rhythm, Lucia was sure.

The front door swung open. A blond haired boy leaned on the door frame. “Hello, Antonia. Hello, strange new girl. Come in. Would you like some food?”

(376 words… I think.)

C – Candy

C-Candy 26X26

The boy, who was named Felix, escorted them inside the huge house. They went to the atrium to discuss Christian things.

Felix brought sweet lumps of sugar he called candy to lighten the conversation as best he could.

When Antonia spoke of Lucia’s running away, her joining Antonia, and now the invitation of Felix to join them.

Felix laced his fingers together and pursed his lips. His blue eyes clouded with worry. “Tonia, you know I can’t do this. Father will surely notice. In fact,” he lowered his voice. “He could be listening at this very moment. He still has no knowledge of my conversion. And I prefer to keep it that way.”

“Felix. You could freely pray and read Scripture without Uncle’s watch over you, day and night!”

“Yes, but he will surely notice my absence in this monstrosity of a house.”

“Then- then get yourself kicked out! As I did!”

He quietly took in this option. Lucia’s heart soared as she thought he would say yes. But instead, he replied with a firm, “No.”

Lucia tried her hand at convincing. “Wouldn’t you like to see the world? From what I’ve heard the past minute, it seems you are not allowed outside these walls.”

Felix paused. He looked at Lucia, studying he as if he could find the secrets of the universe written on her skin. She started to feel uncomfortable, and squirmed a little.

He finally responded. “Only if we go to a certain place I have heard of.”

Antonia cheered. Lucia grinned crazily. She hardly knew Felix, but she was incredibly good at reading people. She had gathered that he was a good fighter and talker. He was afraid of his father, and his mater was probably dead. Not much, but enough to know that he would be a valuable team member to have in their small band of Jesus-worshippers.

“Just let me gather some things for the road.” Felix got up to gather said things.

Antonia turned to Lucia and grandly whispered in her ear, “Felix has taken a bit of a liking to you, if you understand what I mean.”

Lucia flushed a deep red. “What? I barely know him! I never even knew he existed til now!”

Antonia raised an eyebrow. “Felix Marcus Valerius?”

Lucia gasped. “Him? Son of Gaius?”

Antonia grinned. “Him.

Well. Now Lucia was sure to embarrass herself in front of the famous boy. She never was good around anyone of the opposite gender. It was a talent, for sure.

Felix came back with three satchels and a map. “They each hand food, wine, a bedroll, and extra clothes.” He glanced at Lucia bashfully. “I don’t know your measurements, so I guessed.”

He threw each girl a brown leather bag stuffed with provisions.

She looked inside and, to her excitement, found more “candy” in a small cloth bag at the top.

As soon as the bag was on her back (all of her food from her old bag was spread among her new friends), she heard a deep, angry, male voice cry out.

(Ah dang it couldn’t finish the sentence 😑) (Word count: 495)


Αυτοί, mγ frιεηδs!

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10 thoughts on “26 X 26: Prompts A-C

  1. That seems like THE MOST stressful challenge ever.😅

    Me writing one of my oneshots takes at least 30 minutes, because I just pause and stare at the cursor in between like every paragraph, since apparently planning is beyond me.

    I recently decided to check out your blog, and I’m so glad I did, it’s awesome! Keep up the fantastic work!

    Happy Sunday!🤍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One: yes, it’s pretty hard I can’t believe I got over 500 words for the first prompt
      Two: I can relate to that. My current story I’m writing was not and is not planned out. I have like fifteen different twists in the story that I need to keep up with. 😆 I think the story is writing itself at this point
      Three: thank you! It’s unbelievable to think I have a little over 20 followers as of now, even though to some people that’s not a lot
      Last but not least: enjoy your Sunday too! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Woohoo! Welcome aboard, girl. So happy to have you along on this marathon.

    Also, this was so much fun! I can’t believe you did three in a row, I enjoyed reading them. And so glad to know that you can pingback, now. 😁😅

    Liked by 1 person

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