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E – Eggnog

Salvete, amicae!

Here we have prompt 5: eggnog!

Enjoy! *bows*

E-Eggnog (26X26)

Her brother was running as fast as humanly possible—even inhumanly—away from gladiators. Oh hooray. A new way to kill innocent people.

Hadrian stopped to look Lucia in her dream-made eyes and whisper, “You have to run. They are coming. He knows where you stand.”

That second-long warning was enough for the gladiators to catch up and… Lucia turned away, sobbing. She wouldn’t—couldn’t—watch him get slaughtered.

She drifted into a different dream. Her mother and father… lying on the roadside, broken and bloody. Oh no. That wasn’t Sleep. That was… no. Lucia wouldn’t think those words.

Another dream visited her. This time it was… Felix? Why him? But she still watched with detached emotion as he was beaten over and over by a cruel man with the same face as the crazy man with the poison ivy.

The man opened his mouth to scream at Felix’s imaginary wrongdoings, but instead it was Antonia’s voice. “Wake up!”

Lucia woke with a start. “What- what was that for?”

“You were asleep!” Antonia stalked off, maybe to some magic-y things.

Felix tossed Lucia a fruit that she didn’t recognize. It was small and red and very sweet.

“An apple.” Felix said when he saw her bewildered face.

“Apple…” She took another big juicy bite. “They are good.” she declared.

“Sounds about right. Antonia summoned them with her stones. She’s eating… I don’t know, something.”

The apple immediately tasted tart and sour. “She doesn’t get one?”

“Eh. Tonia doesn’t like the taste anyway. Oh, here’s this. Snagged it from the kitchen. Father calls it “eggnog.” It’s super thick and rich; I kinda like it. But he’ll spike it with a lot of…” Felix hesitated. “Anyway. We better get going. It’s best to stay on the move, and Tonia’s gems need different locations to work—and don’t ask me why!” He turned up his palms. “Magic, I guess. I work more with…” he hesitated again. There was definitely secrets hidden in Felix, and Lucia didn’t know how to unearth them.

Antonia walked towards Felix and whispered something in his ear. He frowned and looked puzzled. “R- really. We- we better go. Now.

He scooped up as much as he could carry—three bags and a bedroll.

Lucia and Antonia grabbed the rest of their impromptu camping supplies and caught up with Felix.

“Why are we going?” Lucia asked Felix.

“Someone bad’s tracking us. Don’t tell me why we’re so important, but apparently we have a bounty on her heads.”

It sounded like he was talking about himself and Antonia, not Lucia. Nobody really wanted her, and that was scary. But she was, unfortunately, used to that kind of treatment. Why are you here? Do you matter?

The only person who really understood her was Hadrian and he was… gone. Not dead. Just gone.

Lucia kept walking, trying to keep her mind off these horrible thought. Maybe she would faint from exhaustion. That would be nice. She started sprinting at top speed.

Felix ran right alongside her. “Why are you running? I’m not that ugly, am I?”

Lucia bit her younger from saying something that would force her too go into hiding.

Antonia was huffing and puffing behind them both. “Wait… wait up!”

Such a lovely cliffhanger 😆

Word count: 543


Ps. Did anyone catch the reference? Hint: it’s from HoO!

Pps: it’s supposed to be she bit her tongue, not younger. That autocorrect… smh.

Published by ✰ᴢᴏᴇ✰

✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

5 thoughts on “E – Eggnog

      1. I only had a hunch but now you confirmed it for me. 😅 But your story still has a lot of revelations to be made. It is going strong. 🙌🙏🤗
        (Sorry if I ruined anything for your plot, it was unintentional)

        Liked by 1 person

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