How the battle against Gaea SHOULD’VE gone

🚨 SPOILERS 🚨 Salvete, fellow demigods and elves! If anyone here has read HoO, you will know that the final battle against Gaea was pretty anticlimactic. If you haven’t (shame on you go read it), here’s what you need to know: 7 demigods need to defeat Gaea, the incarnation of Earth itself. So Gaea isContinue reading “How the battle against Gaea SHOULD’VE gone”

Never have I ever book tag!

*squeals in Greek* Salvete, amicae! I think my luck is improving, because I was tagged by name for this! *squeals louder* ALRIGHT ENOUGH FUN. RULES: •Link back to the creator, Madame Writer Blog •Link back to the person that tagged you or the blog on which you saw it first. So: Krisha’s Cozy Corner (LookContinue reading “Never have I ever book tag!”

The Outstanding Blogger Award!

Salvete! I was very technically nominated for this. So… here we go! Rules: Link to the creator’s original award post. Answer the questions provided. Create 7 unique questions. Nominate 10 other bloggers. Neither the award’s creator nor the blogger that nominated you can be nominated. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs theContinue reading “The Outstanding Blogger Award!”

Why I shout at my phone

Salvete, amicae! Today I was—of course—reading fan fiction, because I’m dying of KotLC addiction. And let me tell you, this person writing hated Fitz or just couldn’t write angry, possessive characters. THIS IS WHY I SHIP SOKEEFE. I DONT CARE IF THIS ISNT REAL KEEPER QUOTES. THIS. IS. WHY! HOLY FRICK FITZ. DO YOU SEE?Continue reading “Why I shout at my phone”

Fighting to the last man

Salvete, amicae! Today I am sad because I came across someone absolutely hating on Percabeth. *sniffles* To get one thing clear… uh, aUtUmN, I will not beat someone or find their house if they ship Perachel (no my next post isn’t complaining about Perachel). I don’t—personally—hate the character Rachel. Nor do I hate the shippers.Continue reading “Fighting to the last man”

Writing tips

Salvete, my friends! Today I’ll be sharing some writing tips with you! So first, I’ll share two sentences with you. “The bewildered victims navigated the Labyrinth.” “The bewildered victims wandered the Labyrinth.” Which one sounds better? The second one, right? Well, that’s because the victims are confused, so it sounds better when you say wanderedContinue reading “Writing tips”

Apollo’s voice.

Salvete, amicae! I love everything Riordanverse, as I’m sure you know. I know this sounds über creepy but… Dam it, I love Robbie Daymond’s voicing of Apollo! (I’m literally writing this as I listen to Tower of Nero.) It’s so calm and elegant and sarcastic and the way he talks as Dionysus is just perfect!Continue reading “Apollo’s voice.”

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