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I’m going to share my ships, favorite characters, least favorite characters, et cetera. Note that ‘favorite’ means the best of the best (to me), so if say, Marella isn’t one of my favorites, I still like her, but not as much as Sophie. KotLC: Ships: Sokeefe, Tiana, Linella, and Stinitz. Favorite characters: Sophie, Keefe, Marella,Continue reading “Opinions”

The cake book-tag!! 🍰

Erin @ Reading on a Star did this tag and kindly gave me instructions. Go check her out! This is (very obviously) my first tag, so sorry in advance if I mess up. Chocolate: a dark book that you loved. 🌚🍫 First things first: don’t read this until you’re like, 20! Please! I’m scarred forContinue reading “The cake book-tag!! 🍰”