Mystery blogger tag! Again!! And again!!


I was nominated again for the Mystery Blogger Award by My Golden Shire and Ivy’s Scribbles!

The beautiful logo thingy

*copy/pastes rules*

The Rules:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention Okoto Enigma, the creator of the award.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.

Three more things:

I like this show called Miraculous. (Lukanetteeeee) I’m a very picky eater. Aaaaaand… I can sew? 🙃

My Golden Shire’s questions:

  • If you could go back in time, where would you go? Why? Oooh. Hmm, probably before COVID-19. Pretty self explanatory.
  • Where is your favorite place to hang out? Anywhere with food or books.
  • What is your favorite mythical creature? Pegasus!
  • If you were a pair of socks, what kind would you be? Probably really silly but comfy ones.
  • What is a song you could listen to over and over and not get tried of it? None. I get bored pretty easily.

Ivy’s questions:

Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate totally!! 🤤

Your least favourite Book/TV character? Well, gee let me thi— FITZ.

What’s your favorite thing about blogging? Pretty much everything 🥰.

If you had one super power, what would it be? Getting to go inside of books!

(Weird one) If you could enter a book/tv show, which character would you want to punish because of how oblivious they are? Pfft. There are no chara— SOPHIE FOSTER.


I’m running out of people. Oh gods. I just— you can do it. 🥲


What’s your favorite show? Favorite book (series)? Favorite ice cream flavor? Favorite holiday? When you go through the chant of the months, do you just forget about the existence of October? (I’m like: September, November, December EVERY TIME)

My [other] best post:

Riiiiiiiiight here!!


Can you believe it? We’re now a fam of 102 people! That is like WOAH. I know, I know, I literally took a hiatus yesterday and here I am today with …

We Just Hit A Century!!!!! | Celebration Time #3 | Blog Party! | Promote Your Blog here!

Whoa! Congrats!!

Everyone! Come on and join the fun!!

WE HIT FIFTY FOLLOWERS 😀😃😄😁😆☺️😊😍🥰😚🤪🤩🥳😣😖😫😩🥺🤯😳😱🤭😯😦😧😮😲😺😸🙀🙌🏻👏🏻🙏🙈🙉🙊🏆🥇🏅🎖 (lol this title tho)

{literally screw hiatus at this point I have so much stuff too get to 😅🥲}





Prezzies for y’all!

So in honor of this wonderful accomplishment (bIg WoRd tImE) I’m entering myself in yet another contest at Ray’s blog! Because this was made because she hit 100 followers! 🤩

But now I feel underrated. 😗


So here are the rules:

  • You can write either a poem or a short story, which have to be under 1,000 words, and have the general theme of the new year.
  • Anyone can submit their story/poem before 31st January at 12 AM in Indian Standard Time.
  • Once you’re done writing it out, go ahead and give it to her via this Google form. (I can’t access that because of pArEntS [ugh] BUT Ray very nicely let me just post my story and let her know, y’know, it exists. 😂)
  • Be original, and do NOT copy anyone’s work.
  • Please keep this kid-friendly.
  • One person may submit one entry only.
  • Have fun! If writing something for this contest isn’t fun, don’t do it!
  • You don’t have to have a blog or email for this! Just submit it via the Google form above!
  • The winner will be announced by 8th February.
  • Please follow the rules to make this a pleasant experience for everyone. If someone doesn’t, they will automatically be disqualified.
  • If you submit your entry late, Ray will most likely not count it in.

And the prize:

There will be one winner, who will win a first place certificate, a shoutout in her winner post (with the link to their blog if they have one), and a guest post on Ray’s blog!

I just want to say: I swear on the River Styx I came up with this by myself and if you had the same idea I’m sorry.

So… let’s get into the storytelling!


Another year. Another day my brother is missing.

He Vanished last year—capital V. It happens every year: a new child gone. My father thinks I’m next, though I doubt it. Two children of the same family are never taken.

I’ve noticed something in common with everyone who Vanishes: they are all born on the day a new year starts. Which, you might think, is pretty rare. But our town—named the Italian Cliff (creative, considering we live on a literal cliff. In Italy)—is infused with some sort of ancient magic that I don’t quite understand.

Of course, we (apparently) live in a world of gods and magic.

I’ve asked the old wives for tales of a god(dess) of the new year. They answered with Strenua, goddess of the new year, purification, and well-being. Perhaps she’s the kidnapper and is performing some sort of purification. But no one who disappears is never seen again.

So I’ve done the reasonable thing and I’ve taken it upon myself to find my brother. And the other missing persons.


All the information I could find on Strenua was something about twigs. Hooray. Perhaps she is bitter about no longer being worshipped, at least in my town. We would have heard if this was happening elsewhere. After years, since commutation takes forever, or close to it.

“Lusilia!” A voice shouted my name at me.

I turned towards the sound. “Oh, Viviella!”

My brunette friend ran to me. “Look! I found this scroll in my father’s room! And look what it says.”

I studied it. “A divine being soon found with dead child…” “Goddess of new year…” “Purification rites…” “Stay inside while this all happens…” Warnings and predictions.

“This was in your father’s room?” I clarified.

“Yes, I found it buried in an old Senate toga of his.”

“That must mean he was trying to keep it hidden from people… Viv, what is your father doing?”

“I thought… I thought he used to be in the Senate… now he does absolutely nothing while my mother works her podex off for his lazy needs—I mean, my mother is repaying him for his work to help form our country.”

I knew about her procrastinating father. But right now, the important matter at hand was my brother. Sorry, Viv.

I simply took in her poorly disguised complaints and continued looking at the scroll.

With no warning or visible spark, the scroll I was reading burst into whitehot flames. Because life wasn’t interesting enough. “Aaah!” But it didn’t burn. It wasn’t even cold—overloading my nerves with the heat.

Viv gasped. “Lusilia! Above your head!”

I instinctively looked up. The sight that greeted my eyes was strange to say the least. A fancy sun, made out of fire was atop my head. “What the-“

“Oh my god! What is that?!” A silvery moon sphere shone above her own head. An arrow piercing the moon appeared next.

“Oh my god, you’re a Hunter! Of Diana!”

“You’re a freaking daughter of Apollo! Does this make us siblings?! Wait no, I’m just a Hunter.”

We both (understandably) freaked out together for a while. Then I realized this meant we could talk to literal gods, albeit only two. “Oh my god!

“How do we talk to them? Do we… DIANA!”

“Uh, sure… APOLLO!”

I guess the Godly Twins noticed, because next thing we saw were two chariots, one pale silver and pulled by golden-antlered and hooved deer, the other bright gold and pulled by firey horses. “Hello, mortals. Please stop screaming our names.”


Once we established that we weren’t, in fact, trying to take over the world with arrows (because gods were paranoid like that), we told them our predicament. What with the kidnappings and whatnot.

They very reluctantly agreed, because it’s customary to grant your demigod child one favor because their mortal parent likely wasn’t wanting for a child, but it all works out, more or less. Of course, our favor was help with my brother and Viv’s older sister who was apparently missing as well. Poor Viv.

And so they spawned their arrows and bows back into their hands and told us to hop in.


Being gods, the Godly Twins simply thought of Strenua and we were teleported to her cave.

Or rather, Mercury’s birth cave that Strenua took over.

Apollo shot an arrow with a note attached into the cave and we waited.

Not long after, a glowing 10 foot tall woman came out of the cave, dressed in a flowing white tunic with a braided leather belt. She gripped the arrow tightly in her hands. Strenua.

Now, I don’t know what I was expecting when I saw Strenua. A battle, perhaps. One-on-one maybe. But Diana simply shot the goddess in the chest and she collapsed.

“Stygian poison. Enough to incapacitate a minor goddess.” Diana said without looking my way. “Let’s go in.”

Apollo and Diana had their bows at the ready as we went in. I was still processing the fact that Strenua was down. Apollo grabbed me and shoved me towards the cave. “In.”

“Oh, uh, okay.” I stumbled forward.

I really don’t know how to tell what happened next. I grabbed my brother and ran out of the cave. The next second the cave exploded. Right in front of my very eyes. “OH MY GOD. VIV!!! Apollo and Diana materialized in front of me with children in their arms. “She died a hero.” Diana said quietly.


“Enough already. We will go back to your home and never speak of this again.” But Apollo still looked a little shaken up.

I went home in tears. Viv was gone and nothing could bring her back.

Wait. A thought struck my brain. Nothing except… Asclepius, Apollo’s son.


How did ya like it??

My own writing contest!

Heheheheh. I’ve wanted to host one, but I never had a good reason, but now…

Dem rules:

  • The story has to be 500-1,000 words (no more, no less)
  • You have to mention some sort of mythology (you can scour the internet if you need to too)
  • Make sure to pingback this post specifically (no Google form because ✨parents✨)
  • The deadline is… February 15 (my half birthday 🥰)
  • The winner will get bragging rights, a shoutout, uh, a guest post if I can figure that crap out, I’ll follow you (if I’m not already) and I’m going to draw a little medal 🏅
  • There will be second and third place as well as a handful of runners up
  • I’ll read and grade them all myself and I don’t know how many people will want to do this so I can’t promise an exact date for the results
  • Don’t copy, cuss, or generally be inappropriate
  • One story per person

So um yeah. Have a fun writing time! *cough cough* hoping Ray enters *cough cough*

Afterthought: the Carmen Sandiego Tag!!


Excuse me. 😅

The rulessssss:

  • Credit and link to the creator (Ray is Writing). (Even more Ray 😆)
  • Give a shoutout to the person who tagged you. (It was open to anyone)
  • Don’t forget to add the rules at the top of the post! (Well, uh, this is awkward)
  • Answer the five questions given from the person who tagged you.
  • Ask five questions of your own (they have to be at least somewhat related to Carmen Sandiego, although one can be kinda random).
  • Come up with three “crime code names” for yourself.
  • Recommend three other series’ to watch.
  • Tag at least three people other people! Things like “anyone who wants to do this tag can do it” are totally fine.
  • And finally, use the tag “Carmen Sandiego Tag”!


Do you find Carmen somewhat relatable?

Well, I mean, uh, no. Unfortunately 🥲.

Who’s your favorite character from the series?

Somebody might hate me for this but Chase Devenux (????) probably. Or Player. Or Carmen. Or Zach and Ivy. Or—

Would you recommend Carmen Sandiego to someone?

Um, YES!!

What’s your favorite series?

Book? That would be HoO… probably. TV would be either Miraculous or, y’know, Carmen Sandiego.

Do you like red?

Ahahahahahaha, reference. (Mayhaps) I tolerate it.

My questionsssssss (snakey snakey):

Zach or Ivy?? PAPERSTAR????? What about that one dude who had the spiky slice-y hat?? SHADOWSAN????? And gold or silver??

Mah code namessss:

First: I would be distraction probably or like a level one thief. I would totally use books with weapons hidden inside because 😍.

Second: Info Seeker, Page Turner (favorite one 😏), or Deadly Words.

Watch [this] or elsssssse:

  • Carmen Sandiego (DUH!!)
  • Miraculous (Lukanette tho)
  • Hilda

[Y/n] I choose you! Go and do this tag!

Much excitement and many emojis later…

I’m tired now. I’m calling this an excitement hangover, without the alcohol. 🥴

Well, αυτοί, my amicae!

Pax out. ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

Happy 2021! 🥳🤩 (Finally)


Where I live (Indiana) it’s finally 2021. Not a moment too soon.

And so to celebrate, I’ll share my favorite wallpapers that relate to Pokémon, PJO, and of course KotLC! (Obviously) None of these are mine, by the way.

This is gonna be a very long and messy post.

But anyway:



This is one is especially good for your Lock Screen!
Lock Screen!

And now KotLC!

Here’s some Fitz ones because I’m *chokes* nice.

My god, I’m going to be sick. ENOUGH FITZ. FOREVER.

And now enjoy some random-ish ones!

*hides weapons* nope.

After you skipping like 70 pictures, here we are. It’s okay, I do it too.

Here are some kinda sad songs for you that relate to 2020. Cause they’re sad. (Most of these are basically “my boyfriend died”)

Dreams pt. || by Lost Sky

Monody by TheFatRat

Darkside by Alan Walker

I don’t really listen to sad songs.

Because this is such a messy post, now have your ~random~fandom~ thought of the day:

If we’re all being honest, Sokeefe shippers are way crazier than Fitzbie shippers. I mean, I can’t search anything remotely Keeper related without Team Foster-Keefe literally throwing up in my face. Same with Percabeth shippers. Even though it’s canon! And yes, this includes me.

Another thought:

Why in ✨Tartarus✨ would Rick not include some questioning in his books? I’m currently questioning and it’s hard and frustrating and upsetting and confusing and just so much more than oh ok I’m ______. So please, if you want representation, make it accurate.

Hehe, done over-sharing. (😅)

So… happy New Year!! Here’s to hoping this year brings good things, like Sokeefe and Oreos!


Ps. Stop saying Bob and Damasen are dead—THEY’RE IMMORTAL AND IT’S DAMAGING MY SANITY. Okay cool.

The Blogmas Tag and Gif-y Love!


I actually got nominated (?) for the Blogmas tag (???) twice! Once by Rayna, and then by Ariela!

TYSM, you guys! 🥰🎄🎅🏻


  • Thank the person (or people in this case!) who tagged you and link their blog
  • Put the rules at the beginning of your post
  • Answer all 12 questions
  • Tag 12 people (can’t be the person who tagged you, or any of the people that person had tagged)
  • Create 12 new questions

Rayna’s questions:

  • Q1: What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
  • A: Hm, that would have to be Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer movie. (bEcAuSe sEnTiMAnItaL)
  • Q2: What was your first Christmas present ever (if you can remember)?
  • A: Oh, uh, ^yikes^ I don’t remember.
  • Q3: Is Christmas your favorite holiday?
  • A: Of course!
  • Q4: Have you ever done Blogmas?
  • A: No.
  • Q5: What’s the best present you’ve ever received?
  • A: Last year, we got a Nintendo Switch! (As a family)
  • Q6: What’s the worst present you’ve ever received?
  • A: …lip balm. Not socks; I love those.
  • Q7: Do you like giving Christmas cards?
  • A: No.
  • Q8: Are you giving anyone a Christmas card this year?
  • A: Still no.
  • Q9: What was the best present you ever gave?
  • A: A Pokémon battle stadium card set with instructions on how to play to my *obsessed* brother.
  • Q10: Have you ever had ice cream in winter?
  • A: Yeah, of course! Mmm, ice cream… 🤤🍦
  • Q11: What’s the worst present you’ve given someone?
  • A: A coffee mug.
  • Q12: How much “in the Christmas spirit” do you get?
  • A: Not very much, tbh.

Ariela’s questions:

Q1. Do you have a Christmas tradition? What is it?

A: Every year, we hide the Jesus from the Nativity til Christmas and eat breakfast before presents.

Q2. Your favourite Christmas drink?

Hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream and sprinkles… mmm! 🤤😋

The same Bitmoji she used lol

Q3. Do you love celebrating Christmas with family or with friends?

A: I’ve never done it with friends… so family!

Q4. Any plans for Christmas?

A: Stuff myself with food and open presents! It’ll be a staycation!

Q5. A Christmas movie which you plan to watch?

A: Noelle with my family.

Q6. What is your favourite Christmas song?

Carol of the Bells by Transiberian Orchestra, like Ariela.

Q7. Do you like snow? ☃︎

A: Um, yes!

Q8. Your favourite outdoor [Christmas] activity?

A: Sledding! If it snows…

Q9. What are you asking Santa for Christmas?

A: One, Santa isn’t real. Two, an iPad, Pokémon cards, and books.

Q10. Are you participating in a gingerbread house competition?


Q11. Your favourite Christmas dish?

Cinnamon rolls!

Q12. Have you made an apple pie? Or ever tried it? How was it?

A: No, yes, I don’t like apple pie.

My questions:

  1. Do you like snow?
  2. What’s on your wishlist this year?
  3. What’s your favorite fChristmas tradition?
  4. Have you ever made a gingerbread house?
  5. What’s the best present you received?
  6. What about the worst?
  7. Hot chocolate?
  8. What’s your favorite Christmas movie/book?
  9. Do you believe in Santa?
  10. Do you like baking the ✨classic✨ Christmas cookies?
  11. Three words: ugly Christmas sweaters?
  12. New Year’s or Christmas?

I tag…


Portals into Books








Introverted Thoughts



Gif-y Love


  1. Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog
  2. Mention the creators (Tiction and Nehal)
  3. Use the tag #gif-y-love and choose a GIF you love for each of the provided prompts (oh look something I can’t d
  4. Tag at least 5 people

So: thank you, Riddhi, for the tag!

Onto the prompts!

  • I’m bored
  • Current mood
  • Reading
sleepy in my cozy chair…
  • Sarcastic
  • Spongebob
I had to do both; such classic memes 😌
  • Angry
this is me when mad
  • Scared
ah, Shrek
  • Laughing

I tag…

𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕪 𝔼𝕝𝕚𝕫𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕥𝕙

The Beahive





The Wheelchair Teen (though I know you’re on hiatus 😕)

Whew! 3 Bitmojis, 11 GIFS, and 23 links later, we’re at the end.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year’s!

Oh look now we’re at 5


Ps. Someone please do the Peer Pressure Tag; I would appreciate that!

Dumping Pokémon stuff on you



So… Pokémon!

My personal favorite has to be Mewtwo or Ditto, Ditto because imma sucker for those shape-shifting Pokémon. I can’t explain why.

So I’m playing through Sword for the second time now and I chose Scorebunny, because Cinderace. And I way over-leveled said Cinderace and now I just Pyro Ball anything in my way. Even Water Types. Literally ohkos them.

We have the DLCs too, and I just Klara for the first time; barely took damage from her. hErEs yOuR fIrSt dAmAgE oN tHe iSlE oF aRmOr. Stop it. You’re just annoying, not a challenge.

I haven’t stepped foot on the Crown Tundra, and I won’t til I either defeat Raihan or Leon. Because level 60 Pokémon—jeez!

Can we talk about my name team: a team based off of the first letter of my [real] name, which is Z. An entire team of legendaries. Zacian, Zamazenta, [Galarian] Zapdos, Zera-Oura, Zerude, Zygarde. Of course, there’s Zebstrika, Zigzagoon… uh…

Oh right. But I forget their names. 😅

My favorite type is definitely Dragon. All the Sudo-legendaries I could need! Also Noivern. I love that giant bat.

So I remember my first Dynamax den (a Nincada) and I was so excited because that bug Pokémon was huge. And I remember throwing the Pokéball out in a battle. And I was so confused as to why it wasn’t big! Well, past Zoe (yes that is my real name), IT WASN’T DYNAMAXED.

I was technically born in Gen-7, but we ended up getting Gen-8 sooner. Sword is my first Pokémon play through.

Soon I’ll give y’all a tour (?) of my Pokémon binder! I have over three hundred cards. I have a Eevee/Snorlax tag-team—which I’m very proud of—and an Ultra Beast. (Guzzlord!)

My first “wild” Gigantamax Pokémon was a Butterfree. Yay. But now I actually like Butterfree because of that.

Everyone in Galar is like, oh wow Milo is so hard to defeat! You literally need one Fire Type move to wipe the floor with his face. That’s it.

Kabu being the “first roadblock” was accurate. Was. This time, I had one Gyrados and pulverized him. Destroyed. Adios. Will not miss.

But Bea… How is she so hard? I literally defeated Leon one try, with no Water types. But Bea took me two tries. Which isn’t the end of the world, but why? She should be the final gym leader, not Raihan.

Klara literally wouldn’t care if you were choking to death right in front of her. In fact, she would probably strangle you as you’re slowly dying. And then dust off her uniform and say something like, “I told you not to get in my way.” She literally—in your third battle against her—sets up a terrain trap—poison spikes. That girl wants you dead.

Really enjoying our gifs, aren’t we

That’s all I can think of, so αυτοί!

Songs. That’s it


I wanted to share some of my •favorite• songs with y’all!


  • Dreams pt. || by Lost Sky
  • Heart Afire by Defqwop
  • The Unknown by Bonnie X Clyde
  • Flow by Slippy
  • The Sound by Aero Chord
  • Ark by Ship Wrek & Zookeeper
  • Sing Me to Sleep & Darkside by Alan Walker
  • Emotional by Flux Pavilion & Matthew Koma
  • Flight by Tristam & Braken
  • Hellcat by Desmeon
  • Anything made by Tokyo Machine

Link to a station (Pandora): Electronic Music Radio

American Pop (?)

  • Bang!, Burn The House Down, and Weak by AJR
  • Message Man by Twenty-One Pilots
  • Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down, and Centuries by Fallout Boy
  • Confident by Demi Lovato
  • All Time Low *clean* by Jon Bellion
  • Counting Stars and Rescue Me by OneRepublic
  • We Are Young by Fun.
  • Gladiator by Zayde Wølf
  • Just Like Fire by P!nk
  • Cradles by Sub Urban
  • Run Like A Rebel, Born For This, Altas (the album) by The Score

Link to a [Pandora] station: AJR Radio

There are only a fraction of my favorites, here for you all!

Next: Pokémon! Be ready.


Ornaments, Yggdrasil, And Someone Special

Salvete, my friends!

I have another writing challenge for you: one from the lovely 𝕄𝕒𝕣𝕪 𝔼𝕝𝕚𝕫𝕒𝕓𝕖𝕥𝕙!

This one is a bit of a competition (ohh!). Let me show you the…


  • This is a Christmas Eve Short Story Contest, in which anyone who loves to write can submit a Christmas Eve short story—the 23rd, 11:59 PM (basically midnight) is the due date— will have a chance to win a guest post, and a shoutout on Mary’s sidebar for the whole year! 😱🥳😁
  • All stories must have a Christmas [Eve] general theme. It must mention the word Christmas at least once or twice.
  • All stories must be 200-900 words long, 950 words maximum.
  • Please get your stories in on time.
  • Stories will be judged on creativity, plot, and grammar. She will be rating them out of ten, and the one with the closest to perfect score will be the winner.
  • You may submit your story through Google Docs, which is the easiest to access. But if you must, you can write it out by way of email, and send it to her that way.
  • Have fun and be original!
  • Please don’t cuss in your stories.
  • Submitting your story relatively late could ruin your chances of winning.
  • This is a Christmas themed story competition; all stories must have a Christmas theme and mention Christmas at least once or twice.
  • Not following these rules could ruin your chances at winning.

If you want to enter yourself, click here!

Without further ado, the story!


My Christmas tree was at war with itself. No joke.

Everyday, when no one except me was watching, it would twist and turn and all the décor would shudder. It seemed like the tree itself wasn’t alive, but the ornaments were. I could hear tiny shouts and screams. Which was unsettling to say the least.

It also lead to some questions: are the ornaments people… or even planets?

Currently in my class, we’re studying Norse mythology, which, I gotta say, is much different than Marvel. Turns out anyone can hold Mjölnir if they’re strong enough; they don’t have to be “worthy” or anything. Needless to say, I’m on side DC Comics now.

But anyway: I’ve unofficially named my tree Yggdrasil. (Pronounced YIG-dra-sil, in case you didn’t know) Because I’m 84.3% sure that the decorations are planets. And no, I don’t just have nine ornaments. I have like—I don’t know—over 100? Which means over a hundred little people at war… Yikes.

I wonder… does the star lead them all? Or is it not alive? I don’t know and I want to know! Argh!

So, in order to know, I set up a camera at night when I went to sleep to find out what was happening.

I’ll tell you what my camera showed me.

The ornaments twisted and grew until nine of them were as big as me. Then they sprouted arms and legs and various body parts then—I think—talked to one another. (So they weren’t planets; interesting) They seemed to be talking about an alliance to defeat… the star. Oh yay. The star was living too.

I really need new décor.

I scoured my brain for any Norse myths that had to do with an evil star. I couldn’t think of anything.

So I did the reasonable thing: I searched it up on Wikipedia. I searched “evil Norse star god.” I got something: a goddess named Nótt. Is she evil? I don’t know.

Also, this dude named Aurvandil had his toe frozen and cut off by Thor. Yikes and ouch. That very special toe became a star. I still don’t know why.

So maybe if I get rid of the toe-star (assuming that’s what it is) thing then the things will leave. Maybe.

But I can’t find anything on how Aurvandil was defeated; maybe he wasn’t even a bad person, er, god.

So that means I can’t destroy him. Disappointing.

But first things first: I need to talk to the ornaments and find out how and why they’re in trouble.


Night time, talking to living ornament time. That’s how the saying goes, right?

At the time when the “transformation” began—10:30-ish—I crept downstairs.

The ornaments—I’m just going to call them people at this point—fell onto the floor. The glittery, plastic outer layer moved and shifted as arms and legs spouted out. The people stood up and continued to grow until they were looking like a thirteen year old.

I slowly came out of my hiding place, hands in the air to show, hey I’m friendly; I just want to help.

They all slowly turned around. “Hello, human.” one said in a deep, gravely voice. “We have been expecting you.”

Oh boy. Suddenly, I felt extremely nervous. Was I supposed to, like, dance or something? “I came to see if you needed help. I heard that the star was causing you problems.” I felt ridiculous talking to decorations, but these were clearly something more.

It nodded. “Yes. We need Vanir blood to save us.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up. Vanir blood? I’m human…” I trailed off as I remembered something. When I was younger, I used to literally burn up. Not with a fever, but with actual flames. My mom seemed to never sweat it. I also never got sick to this day. “I’m a daughter of… Frey?”

“Ah, she learns. Yes, my dear. We’ve been watching you. Waiting, hoping, guiding. All from the shadows. And now that you realize, only you can help us.”

“From the shadows? Wait a minute… Oh man, my brain hurts.”

“Hm. Here, child.” It touched my forehead. I gasped as a huge intake of information flooded my head. It all made sense! Why I could suddenly control my powers, why they were worried… all of it.

“I know what the real problem is!” I exclaimed, trembling.

It didn’t look surprised. “Yes, tell us.”

I pointed a shaky finger at the lead person. “It’s you.”

The others gasped and backed away from the leader. It growled. “You have it wrong, child. I am not the enemy!”

“You killed all the- all the planets. You forced them to abandon their homes, though there was a chance of survival!”

It hissed like a cat. “Stop. You are feeding us lies!”

“I saw it in your own mind.” I was practically falling over, I was shaking so hard. I was facing a killer.

Lies!” It jumped forward.

For a spilt second, I was only thinking about how only three days ago I was living a semi-normal life. Then my reflexes and instincts kicked in.

I dodged its first attempt easily. I quickly studied the room for a weapon of sorts; I found none. So I simply pushed it back.

I guess it was the expensive, delicate kind of ornament, because it just shattered in the floor. I looked down at it. That was easy. And strange. But I didn’t feel any relief or excitement or even simple joy from winning; I felt sad for killing this thing, even if it wasn’t exactly human.

The rest of them stared at me in shock. “You killed our leader.” Then they did something surprising: they bowed to me. “You have killed our oppressive leader, as the prophecy foretold. We crown your as our queen!”

And so that’s how I became the new ruler of some ornaments. But don’t worry, they were people; the bad leader had turned them into ornaments then wiped their memories, making them think it was king. I think that counts as “cruel and unusual punishment”.

Oop! I’ve got to go; queenly duties and all. Until next time, my new friends!


Oh guys, more than 70 words over the word limit. 😬😥😱 I’ll probably edit it before I send it to Mary.

Whew! This took me a while to write and I hope you like it! 😌☺️🤗

Here’s to the hope of me winning! 😚🤞🏻🥂

(Wow I used a lot of emojis)

Αυτοί, frιεηδs!

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