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More Keeper headcanons cause I don’t care anymore

guys first I guess

Sigh. You’re probably sick of these.

But. I’m not!

So I’ll never stop shoving these down your throat!


Keefe Sencen

  • Lowkey has: Poor impulse control/ADHD
  • Allergic to: carrots
  • Likes aggressive music (like KevinKempt)
  • Probably scared of cats
  • The only one (besides Sophie) who can actually use chopsticks
  • The dirty-minded one—
  • Often lays awake at 3 am wondering what he did wrong. Then gets up to draw
  • Went through a brief phase where he was convinced he could manifest Sophie if he tried hard enough. Ro put a stop to that
  • Occasionally has panic attacks. Only Ro and Elwin know
  • Current problem: why isn’t Foster dating me (Ro has tried to explain that he actually has to ask her out—)
  • Ro taught him how to spin a knife around with his fingers and god was that a mistake—
  • Actually a really good singer and used to sing as a small child but was told to shut up one too many times
  • Went catatonic one time and his dad just smacked him and his mom just looked at his body and was like “just get up you’re in my way” (lemme tell you, the pain I want to inflict right now—)
  • Was emotionally abused and gaslighted as a child (this actually canon but it’s sad)
  • The amount of times he has wanted to backhand Fitz right across his stupid little face—
  • Probably has a pink long-sleeved crop-top sweater that he impulsively bought and actually loves (look this image just came to me and I can’t ignore it)
  • Got his ears pierced to piss off Cassius (it worked)
  • Lost a bet with Ro and had to crossdress for a day
  • Now unironically wears pink and gold
  • Blasts Boyfriend by Dove Cameron when he gets home after he encounters Sophitz again
  • Keefe Sencen once said: “Being high is a privilege. For you all, I mean. I’m the only one here who actually has a stash, so you better be nice to me.”

Dex Dizznee

  • Lowkey has: colorblindness
  • Allergic to: literal marijuana
  • Loves playing Risk
  • Gets startled easily
  • Has watched a ton of anime
  • Hates carrots
  • Knows more than he lets on (hmmm)
  • Really likes electronic pop type music
  • Kinda seems pan…
  • Went through a very brief emo phase (that was when he saw the human zombie movie)
  • Loves putting on way-too-big sweaters
  • Little spoon 😫💕
  • Tried to go completely vegan (so no animal products) but failed miserably (I kinda think there’s still milk ‘n’ stuff in the Lost Cities)
  • Maybe needs glasses cause he’s a little bit farsighted
  • Dex Dizznee once said: “Eating raw cookie dough isn’t a sin. But it should be, because only depressed, suicidal people do that.” ((cuts to Keefe crying over oatmeal cookie dough at 3 am))

Tam Song

  • Lowkey has: derealization
  • Allergic to: cats
  • A big fan of Undertale/Deltarune but would never admit it
  • His favorite is Ralsei (Deltarune)
  • Also super into Genshin Impact
  • Uses a fork for basically every food
  • Lowkey is a wingman for Keefe (no like actually. it’s hilarious)
  • Listens to Ashnikko (this is too true—)
  • A tiny bit obsessed with true crime
  • Still paints his nails. He thinks he’s so quirky when he’s actually just emo—
  • Haphephobe
  • An ace icon ✨
  • Tam Song once said: “I’m not goth, I’m an e-boy get it right if you’re gonna insult me—”

Wylie Endal

  • Lowkey has: paranoia
  • Allergic to: strawberries
  • Tries to eat them anyway
  • Constantly in “one problem at a time” mode
  • Innocent bean
  • The only one who gets a good amount of sleep
  • Likes oldie rock
  • Does have a Elwin Stuffie™️
  • It’s a griffin named Lionheart (named by Wylie; Elwin named it ✨Duke Cuddlebeaks✨)
  • Acts like fifty even though he’s like (wait a damn minute) in his early twenties?!
  • Wait if Fitz is eighteen, and Wylie’s like 3-5 years older… damn! Wylie is old
  • I kinda associate him with effing peeled potatoes and uh yeah
  • Wylie Endal once said: “The law is just a suggestion. I once stabbed someone. I’ve never served a day in my life.”

Fitz Vacker

  • Lowkey has: a God complex
  • Allergic to: gluten
  • Scared of dogs
  • Probably homophobic 🙄
  • Yeah but if he ever had kids… where are the child protective services??
  • Wait a minute he’s a legal adult
  • Oh no I don’t like that
  • He better not still like Sophie cause hmm she’s a minor
  • I don’t care if they’re elves if Fitz breaths in her direction I will spawn in the books and beat his ass myself
  • I try to not think about him so that’s all I got 😌💅
  • Fitz Vacker once said: “Children are overrated. Unless we’re talking about an age gap because then—”


I had too many for Keefe cause I think about him a lot sorry not sorry—

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