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On Stellarlune: hopes, dreams, and hallucinations


On January 26, Shannon announced the title of book nine: Stellarlune

And I hated it

Why? Because it alludes to there being more Keefe, when in fact it will probably be Sophie, ruining her life one arson at a time

And Keefe nowhere to be found

Then, on February 15th(ish) we got a cover


is that a new artist?


But anyway, onto other stuff

too much effort went into that image

Something I’d absolutely love would be for the entire book to be Keefe’s perspective because goddamn, I need that after waiting an entire extra year for this freaking book

I’m going to sue if he doesn’t show up at all. Or storm Shannon’s house—

It would be enough to forgive Shannon for the absolute chaotic mess that was Unlocked. Like, I’m still in denial that Keefe ran away.


Also, for Sophie to finally grow up cause man, she is so annoying

She sets something important on fire, leaves a moonlark drawing that shows that she set the fire, then wonders why she’s in trouble for setting the fire?

Like dude. Please consider the consequences. My god—

And if Marella were to show up more I definitely wouldn’t complain—

Hopefully that’s her on the cover

Also! If Shannon were to stop hating on Stina so much!

Like, she’s a queen. Honestly though. I love their interactions!

And I would like some sort of redemption arc for Fitz and Glimmer

Now, I know that neither of them are really evil… but, I mean, c’mon

And it would, like, make the characters less hate-able

And I dunno, it would be nice to see Shannon acknowledging the general dislike of those characters.

But I digress



There has to be a wrap up to some of the many plot threads that Shannon’s slowly been sewing into the main story

And obviously, there’s going to be a face-off with the Neverseen, probably in the Lodestar mirror hideout, with Sophie, Marella, and Maruca.

Well, it could be anywhere, but it looks most like the Lodestar mirror hideaway thing

Or is it like a battle in a human city? Maybe they were looking for Keefe and then the Neverseen show up like “lol hi”

And maybe an introduction to Dendrokinesis? Cause of the little vine thing? That would be cool

It’d also be cool if Amy were to show up if they look for Keefe. Because, Amy’s awesome

idk this is random

This was mostly inspired by a discussion with friends.

The scariest include: it was all a dream/coma, Mr. Forkle is evil, Amy is evil, everyone is Keefe (don’t ask), and Glimmer is Amy

The dream/coma one requires an explanation: remember when Sophie when almost hit by that car? Well, what if she was actually hit, then all her misadventures were ~all a dream~

That would be absolutely fury-inducing. (I said, and I quote, “I will force Shannon to eat her own knees if she pulls that.”)

Uh, that’s all the thoughts I have. Mostly, I’m just deciding if I should even read the damn book because I kinda don’t wanna know what happens

Well. G’bye

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5 thoughts on “On Stellarlune: hopes, dreams, and hallucinations

  1. my sister saw me ripping my Keefe drawings to shreds after, (whispers) the letter… (takes a break to go shred some more dreams…)


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