(I know, another short, unscheduled post. Sorry, but this is important) I’m discontinuing and deleting the fan fiction I started this blog off with. I’m sorry, but it’s cringey, old, and really stressful and hard to write. Also there’s a million plot holes. So I’ll re-write my first post on this blog and delete theContinue reading “‼️PRETTY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT‼️”

3rd batch of 100 faces + a quiz I made

Salvete! Sorry about the wait, I was waiting for more requests but none came so here we are 😂 Luna Underwood’s request I like this one a lot, except the jawline. Bea’s request This one is alright; I just don’t like the eyes. Next, we have two quizzes I made on FormsApp, (not quite GoogleContinue reading “3rd batch of 100 faces + a quiz I made”

Trying out a… schedule?! (and other stuff)

Salvete! First off, I’ll be attempting to stick to a schedule: every Friday (expect twenty-word Tuesdays, which I’ll be trying to do on the same day) Of course, this means my posts will now be a bit chaotic because little posts will be crammed with bigger posts… well, like this one I can’t guarantee thatContinue reading “Trying out a… schedule?! (and other stuff)”

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