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G – Gift

Sαlνετε! Onto prompt G… for gift! Antonia called, “Felix? Where are you?” Then she noticed Lucia. “Oh. Hello. Have you seen Felix? I can’t find him anywhere!” “Uhm, no. What time is it?” “Morning,” Antonia waved vaguely at the sun in the sky. “Early,” Oh, great thought Lucia. “Early.” Justian came into the room, bleary-eyedContinue reading “G – Gift”

F – Feast

Salvete! Now we have prompt #6: feast! And now onto the story! *jazz hands* Antonia huffed as she finally caught up with Felix snd Lucia. “Felix… you know… I have to… rest after… magic!” Lucia felt bad, as she in fact didn’t know this. “Really? Is that because magic is like draining your power?” AntoniaContinue reading “F – Feast”

E – Eggnog

Salvete, amicae! Here we have prompt 5: eggnog! Enjoy! *bows* E-Eggnog (26X26) Her brother was running as fast as humanly possible—even inhumanly—away from gladiators. Oh hooray. A new way to kill innocent people. Hadrian stopped to look Lucia in her dream-made eyes and whisper, “You have to run. They are coming. He knows where youContinue reading “E – Eggnog”

D – Decoration

Salvete! Today we have the fourth prompt: decoration! (This will be the only thing I’ll do on this blog until it’s over) D-Decoration (26X26) “Felix! You forgot to decorate!” Lucia froze. Was that code? Maybe for… kill those people? Antonia looked just as confused, which was a relief, honestly. “Felix? What’s wrong with Uncle?” FelixContinue reading “D – Decoration”

26 X 26: Prompts A-C

(Btw everyone I’m going on a longer hiatus over on Silveny Writes) Salvete, everyone! I’m going to attempt the… *drumroooooooll* RULES: Use the word-prompt in the written piece. Don’t edit/change anything in your piece after 26 minutes have passed. Post it as is. Ping-back each post to that day’s word-prompt post, so that everyone willContinue reading “26 X 26: Prompts A-C”

Beautiful Girl

Flora stared into the mirror. She was so ugly… No. She was beautiful. All the voices in her head stopped. 💙💙💙 (This is not the story anymore) “Beautiful Girl” was my take on Twenty-Word-Tuesday, over on Yes, I can’t figure out how to “Ping”. Sue me. I feel… Anger. Mad. Infuriated. Sadness. Why? I alsoContinue reading “Beautiful Girl”