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Salvete! So does anyone know where Thalia went? She joined the Hunters of Artemis, right! Well, didn’t she not want to join? Not just that, she despised all Hunters. All of them. Every. Single. One. Even if there was absolutely no reason! So why? Here’s why: Rick wanted Percy to be the prophecy fulfiller, butContinue reading “Thalia?”

Fighting to the last man

Salvete, amicae! Today I am sad because I came across someone absolutely hating on Percabeth. *sniffles* To get one thing clear… uh, aUtUmN, I will not beat someone or find their house if they ship Perachel (no my next post isn’t complaining about Perachel). I don’t—personally—hate the character Rachel. Nor do I hate the shippers.Continue reading “Fighting to the last man”

Calling in Apollo’s favor

Hm. Big promise there, Lester. And I can’t help but notice that you didn’t swear on the River Styx… But no matter. What to choose, what to choose. No unicorns… disappointing. Maybe… more followers? Yes, “dear readers”, this was a sorta sneaky way of saying, please follow ol’ bluemallowmelt. And if you’re reading this onContinue reading “Calling in Apollo’s favor”