About all the tags and awards…

I am definitely behind on all the tags and awards and stuff, SO, if you’ve tagged/nominated me for anything, please give me a link for it in the comments. It would be greatly appreciated! I can’t guarantee I’ll immediately get to them, but it’ll be a big help in even being able to get toContinue reading “About all the tags and awards…”

Writing tips

Salvete, my friends! Today I’ll be sharing some writing tips with you! So first, I’ll share two sentences with you. “The bewildered victims navigated the Labyrinth.” “The bewildered victims wandered the Labyrinth.” Which one sounds better? The second one, right? Well, that’s because the victims are confused, so it sounds better when you say wanderedContinue reading “Writing tips”

Apollo’s voice.

Salvete, amicae! I love everything Riordanverse, as I’m sure you know. I know this sounds über creepy but… Dam it, I love Robbie Daymond’s voicing of Apollo! (I’m literally writing this as I listen to Tower of Nero.) It’s so calm and elegant and sarcastic and the way he talks as Dionysus is just perfect!Continue reading “Apollo’s voice.”


I’m going to share my ships, favorite characters, least favorite characters, et cetera. Note that ‘favorite’ means the best of the best (to me), so if say, Marella isn’t one of my favorites, I still like her, but not as much as Sophie. KotLC: Ships: Sokeefe, Tiana, Linella, and Stinitz. Favorite characters: Sophie, Keefe, Marella,Continue reading “Opinions”

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