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Trying out a… schedule?! (and other stuff)

Salvete! First off, I’ll be attempting to stick to a schedule: every Friday (expect twenty-word Tuesdays, which I’ll be trying to do on the same day) Of course, this means my posts will now be a bit chaotic because little posts will be crammed with bigger posts… well, like this one I can’t guarantee thatContinue reading “Trying out a… schedule?! (and other stuff)”

jUsH sHoMe pIcTuReSh

Shalvete! I recently got PicCollage, and I’ve made (too many) collages and I thought I could make a post out of that because I needed to post something T^T So I’ll be ranking ‘em cause this needed more diversity 😁 There’ll be ten spots to uh have. (And I’ll write it in Latin cause placementContinue reading “jUsH sHoMe pIcTuReSh”