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Undertale body pillows???

When Undertale autocorrects to Undertail, you’ve gone down a rabbit hole that shouldn’t exist but does

It’s the… questionable side of the fandom!

(jazz hands and confetti)

Wait but also please don’t read this post or even really look at the pictures if you don’t want to see that kinda stuff

Just like. Use common sense please

spa get?

Papyrus 0.o

aka. smol child that must be protected and not PRINTED ON BODY PILLOWS 😭😭


scary 😳

Well, it’s Sans

Nothing special, really

Looks like he’s about to bust out his Gaster blasters though

ur gonna have a bad time 🕴🏻

Sanrio mom

Okay this one actually isn’t awful

Would I buy it? Actually maybe No

But the art is cute

Toriel is a milf

dump truck 🛻

This one is just hilarious to me

Mm, he’s offering you a hotdog (or hot cat; we don’t judge)

delicious and nutritious 👍

c h i l d e

The snack that smiles back!


Okay but I would understand if it was the Absolute God of Hyperdeath form but small kid form?? Really bro???

Like he’s literally asleep. And he’s also a minor

Please stop

]: (

But the art style was so cute 😭

Y’all just had to ruin it, huh?

And why’d they have to bring in the super cute ‘n’ innocent texting scene?? And ruin it???

I hate this fandom

underfell lol

Shiny head 😳😏

I love how awkward he looks lol

Also how tf is he blushing he’s literally a skeleton he has no blood or skin

alphys’ pillow

…yeah okay um

It looks like two different art styles to me

And the armor looks like it’s made out of soft fabric, so it probably wouldn’t be very effective at stopping ballet shoes

Also her hands are freaking tiny??? and why are the supporting line/bone things for her ears/gills made out of her hair????

Her eyeliner is on fleek tho 💅✨


The fact that there’s another child here is very concerning

I thought the fandom was into Sans, Toriel, and occasionally Mettaton

Obviously Mettaton is better than Sans, and Toriel is more attractive than Mettaton

Then just Chara.

I like their Doc Martens. +8 intimidating power—for chocolate, of course

and yep yep time to delete my search history~!

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