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mad mew mew cosplay~

This year, I decided to go absolutely all out for Halloween with an elaborate costume

Cosplay. Cosplay! COSPLAY!!

However, instead of taking you all along the journey of creating this beautiful thing, I’m just going to hit you with pictures of the finished thing

Because, well, I don’t think my phone storage is ready for an aggressive onslaught of photos

((please ignore the poor lighting, quality, background, and skill))


Yeah, I’m that sicko who has their Halloween costume done a week ahead of time

Eh, it’s mostly because sometimes there are cool costume competitions that take place a while before Halloween



Not my 9 year old brother demanding a turn at the sewing machine

Like bro my seamstress master grandma and I got it

…he did some ugly lacing on the back that’s thankfully covered up by the dress

arm things

I actually wear these a lot outside of my costume

I don’t know, they’re cool!


Hot Topic clothes >>>

cat ears

Ugly $7 Amazon cat ears that I love

I hot-glued ‘em to my headphones after this lol


Goodwill find

Little 1” white satin heels

Love it!

crusty wig

Crusty dusty wig that’s also from Goodwill

…I have yet to disinfect it

I just love Halloween, man!

I add an update to let you guys know if I won the costume competition or not I guess

[[edit: I placed 3rd in my age group for handmade]]


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