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deltarune headcanonsssss

pov: low quality Suz

Anyway. The more cults fandoms I join, the more headcanons I have, and the more I’ll share them~

Also if you haven’t played the game, these will make absolutely no sense (duh)

Kris Dreemur 🕴🏻

  • 16 years old and an October child
  • kinda seems aro/ace, also agender
  • Rhubarb pie is obviously their favorite food
  • Unironically loves the song Beep Beep I’m a Sheep
  • Picks up new languages really easily (can speak like three at this point)
  • Likes baggy clothing
  • Lets Noelle play with their hair bc their hair is so soft
  • Tried to give Susie a Snickers with the line, “you’re not yourself etc” (she tried to eat the wrapper)
  • Does have a drivers license (Toriel was really against it tho)
  • Would never visit Asgore of their own accord
  • Lowkey a haphephobe
  • Uses the “🥸” emoji way too often
  • Weird Kid™️
  • Imposter syndrome unironically played Among Us all the damn time
  • Pierced ears
  • Devours life savers
  • First stole Asriel’s hoodies, then started taking Susie’s
  • No because they’re actually so hot

Ralsei [idk] 😷

  • 14 years old and an April baby
  • pan and just a feminine boy ✨ (maybe just he/him??)
  • Loves pancakes and marshmallows
  • Pastel aesthetic
  • Can crochet and knit
  • Wears super fluffy jackets all the time because he’s cold 24/7
  • Glasses are actual prescription glasses (like 12/20)
  • Learned to bake because he was alone so often
  • Would win MasterChef junior
  • Knits in his spare time
  • I would say he has a crush on Kris… but the theory that he’s Kris’s brother is way too suspicious for me
  • Loves floral scents & always wears flowery perfume
  • The mom of the group
  • His ears are also pierced

Susie [something] 🦄

  • 17 years old, born in September
  • definitely a butch lesbian and probably bigender (so like she/he) (but I’m just using her in-game pronouns; she/her)
  • b l u e c h a l k .
  • Could eat someone whole if she tried 😁👍
  • Lowkey likes chewing on dog toys
  • Would rock the goth aesthetic
  • Hasn’t worn a dress since second grade
  • Skater gorl
  • Actually has super curly hair, but always combs it out (so her hair is fluffy)
  • Almost held back, but the teacher didn’t want to deal with her two years in a row
  • I regard Paper Trail as canon, so the hamster incident happened
  • Would wear a dog collar for shits and giggles
  • Wants Noelle to do her makeup, but too scared to ask
  • Has freckles
  • Oblivious 😔
  • Didn’t know that she could get a drivers license at 16
  • No but like wtf is her last name
  • Really loves baggy pants
  • Was terrified of the Teletubbies

Noelle Holiday 🏳️‍🌈

  • 16 years old and obviously a leap baby
  • also a lesbian (femme tho) and does lowkey have mtf trans vibes (she/her)
  • Strawberries are her favorite
  • Super curly, fluffy hair
  • Her ears perk up when she’s happy and stuff like that
  • Plays the viola
  • Likes wearing hair clips and has a huge collection of them
  • Her nails are black, like her hooves
  • Wears eyeliner all the time, and often does Kris’s too
  • Really good with makeup
  • Master of cosplay
  • Her nose lights up when she’s happy or surprised
  • Had braces when she was in third to fifth grade
  • Too scared to drive, so Kris drives her around
  • Really likes upbeat pop (*cough* Cyber’s World *cough*)
  • Ears are pierced
  • Really good at shopping for people
  • Had a horse girl phase
  • Also had a crystal phase
  • Loves to crochet

Lancer Jack 🎣

  • probably like 11—and like born in May or something
  • Idk he’s super young so I guess just cis straight (but seems like a he/it)
  • dark candy and other uber sweet stuff is his favorite
  • Gabi dads lmao
  • He has little cat ears and a smol tail, and I will fight those who disagree
  • His spade eye piece is kinda like sunglasses
  • Has really thick eyelashes
  • Was feed worms in a smoothie, courtesy of Rouxls
  • Loves tagging along on Rouxls’ puzzle making disasters
  • Doesn’t have the bonus mouth thing yet 😔✊

Berdly [ugh] 🐒

  • 16 years old, January
  • cis straight (but a very agro ally)
  • Idk would probably eat seeds or whatever
  • gamer
  • Played Star Fox as a child and really liked Falco
  • Can’t fly
  • Tried to as a small child tho
  • Took his respect women pills 👍
  • A huge fan of VN’s but never would admit it
  • Actually does have a crush on Suz
  • 10/10 would go to a pride parade
  • Still doesn’t know Susie’s lez
  • Really bad at gift shopping for others (so he always shops with Noelle)

…is it obvious which characters I think about a lot?

Anyway g’bye mate


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