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being upset about the Stellarlune excerpt

If you haven’t heard, you know now! The first three chapters of Stellarlune are available to find in the void that is the Internet to fill the personal void in your heart

And god, they are awful

spoiler free

So basically, Sophie is sad, she goes and talks to Grady and Dex for two seconds, then talks to Ro and Cassius for three seconds

That’s it. No information, no Keefe’s perspective yes I’m still holding out for that I spent $30 on this book I need Keefe’s pov for god’s sake

I don’t give a flying lotus about Sophie’s fake af grief, I WANT KEEFE SUFFERING IN THE FORBIDDEN CITIES AAAAAHHH

Keefe we need you

Suddenly! Sophie loves Keefe

This is??? So overdue??? That it’s not even funny???

Like Sophie, honey, stop. All those moments with Keefe—and one was down bad—and now you care about him as more than a friend?

I know you’re dumb, but literally just no. If Sokeefe happens, I’m actually going to be upset. It won’t forward the plot at all.

And if Shannon makes the plot do a 180 where suddenly Keefe and Sophie need to make out to save the world, I’m going to break into her house and… like, eat her kid or whatever


But I digress. Obviously, only Sophie matters here

seriously. stop.

And Keefe is… still gone. Damn.

I was kinda hoping it was just another epic prank for his YouTube channel or something

Maybe his secret plan is for Sophie to “realize” her totally existing feelings.

If so, job well done! Congratulations! Please come back we miss you

My friend wrote a six-word memoir for Keefe after having to write on for class—because private Christian school is like that—and it went like this: running away is always the answer!

Sums up his life pretty well

ut ost #80

Well. I didn’t like it—clearly

And my hopes for this book are dropping like flies

It also reminded me of how much I hate Shannon’s writing style

I could write Keeper better than her

Anyway, I really hope my $30 gets me a side of stickers with my book



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