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recentER art 😃✏️

believe it or not, I’ve been working diligently on improving my art and becoming more confident in the work that I produce.

Has it gone anywhere?

No, but I think the engine’s warming up


This is facial expression practice, but focusing on the eyes.

Eyes show a lot of emotion, y’know

It’s hard to pull off, but with my art style I really have to learn this

Susie’s ax

Just a little highlighter sketch of Susie’s mane/auto ax

It’s cute, so I put it here

This lil thing was my first (*cough* successful *cough*) sketch of Susie because Susie

I love her hehe

singular eye

I like this eye

I used a líue album cover for reference because I really like the style of the covers

(I think it was 4gotten…?)

oc I haven’t named

Hehe I like the condescending off-screen glare

I just should’ve chosen a different nose style but I digress

you’ve seen her before but I like her

Alissa my love

She’s absolutely beautiful

first Noelle sketch

Her ears are a bit off. Like, they’re too long and thin

But, whatevs, this was my first try and I like it so screw your opinions


the original starwalker

better Noelle drawing

ehehehehe Noelle

She’s my current sketching obsession because she’s so soft and sweet fhskkwgks

Well that was a through waste of time


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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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