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volleyball be like—

Maybe I’ve mentioned this, but I played volleyball in 6th grade

Somehow, magically, I made junior varsity… even though I’m really not good at it

Though I am doing it again this year, and will be trying out for varsity

(I’ll come back to edit this to tell you if I made it and what position)

[editing zo here: I quit volleyball lmao]

Currently, at the time of writing this, I’m doing this little extra thing called volleyball camp, which is just three hours a day for one week of practicing volleyball

Apparently, it was aimed towards people younger than me who had never touched a volleyball before in their life, so I had to “learn” how to set, pass, and serve which was… annoying

But I got better at spiking. You win some, you lose some

kinda fun kinda terrible

Well, it was stressful

I decided to join a sports team for the first time, so I had to get used to not having as much free time

Not to mention, I actually started bringing home homework, which I hadn’t had to do in elementary because I had more class time to finish it all

So yeah. My stress levels were through the roof

Another thing that added to the stress was the fact that math actually got hard. I was put into 8th grade math, so now I had to think. Ugh.

But I got through it. Barely.

I tried to get myself out of the math course. I failed ):

It was fun competing against other teams, though

is varsity capitalized???

I really want to make ✨🏐libero🏐✨

In case you don’t know what that is, a libero basically has the job of making sure the ball never touches the ground

They don’t serve—except if they’re subbing in for someone—and they don’t block. They can set or spike if they want to—though obviously setting is mostly the setter’s job

You just have to be good at getting to the ball on time. I’m short and decently fast so I think I have a good chance

My second choice would be setter, because I like to randomly tip the ball and see the surprise on my opponent’s face

Also I’m decent at setting




I think there’s like a 50/50 chance of me making it

I made JV, so maybe I can pull it off again

But varsity is much stricter…

Like I said, 50/50

The lesson here is…

That there’s not a lesson in everything. Go read some Aesop or something


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