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Deltarune is pog

so, like, my new obsession. Keeper of the Lost Cities be damned

Also move over Keefe, you’ve got competition.

…it’s Susie. No surprise to anyone who knows me even the slightest.

wow great intro. w’s in the chat

I’ve played through the game an embarrassing amount of times, and yet my Switch profile claims I have only ~20 hours of game time

(cough my Switch friend code is [SW-4498-1771-7400] cough)

Also, um, I can’t beat either of the secret bosses, which definitely isn’t causing me severe psychological distress

…I just want to give Susie a tail and Ralsei some colored glasses 😭

But like it’s fine I guess.

oh look the mini images are back

aNyWaY, I haven’t been able to unlock chapter 2’s secret boss in a normal run for some reason

I did complete a SnowGrave run though because uhm murder is fun, kids

A little bit of mini theory fodder for you all: the little cutscene between Susie and Noelle in her room was different because in a normal run, they end up outside of her room, but in SnowGrave Susie just leaves the room

God that was a long sentence

But yeah, manipulating sweet girl Noelle into genocide is always fun.

Though fighting Spamton NEO by yourself is an absolute pain in the ass like urghhh

I just— I hate Burghley Berdly, okay?? Killing him is definitely worth it—

and btw the art isn’t mine



Like um, move over Noelle because uh I think chalk-eating Barney is hot too

I do still love Noelle though

She’s super cute and sweet and femme and urgh her little antlers are so adorable I literally can’t—

And we can’t forget about Kris. Specifically, XSophchii’s art of them

I just… god, they’re so attractive like what the fu—

Anyway go watch XSophchii’s videos on YouTube

I would link it here but YouTube is blocked on my phone so yeah 🥲👍

I wish it was though



Ralsei and Kris together is kinda cute, but Kris gives off heavy aro/ace vibes, so I’ll enjoy the very adorable friendship

I don’t know. Nothing exciting I guess

And lastly, who could forget about the chaotic, yet somehow sweet, ship of Rouxls and Jevil

I mean. I see it, but also I don’t. There are some pretty cute fan comics of them together. Questionable, but also cute

C minus for this one (yes I’m ranking this one who cares it’s my blog)

it’s so aesthetically pleasing 💝

All in all, I freakin love this game go play it it’s free and on everything except XBox

Or go watch full play-throughs of it on YouTube (I recommend Merg)

Bonus points if you watch 2 Left Thumbs’ Gaster Egg series

(It’s times like these that I wish I had YouTube allowed…)

Anyway, don’t forget to ingest some potassium today, and adios


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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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