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Weird Keeper related quotes from my friends

I’m still alive! Sorry to disappoint you

So I recently recruited a lovely friend of mine—let’s call her Viv—to my cult the Keeper fandom

And… well, let’s just say she’s sparked a lot of interesting conversations

(I changed names of all people involved for privacy reasons ☺️) (but if they secretly follow this blog they’ll be able to tell who’s who)

(and if they’re reading this: yeah, I have a terrible memory. leave me alone—)

Nia: Okay, wait, the alicorn twins, right?

Stella: yeah?

Nia: How is the timeline thingy gonna stay alive if there’s only a family of four?

Stella: Oh no.

Nia: Incest.

Me: literally the only reason I’m still alive right now is Keefe Sencen and that’s slightly concerning.

Milly: Slightly??

Stella: I have a great idea

Stella: Let’s assign each other Keeper boys. We need less self esteem in this group

Me: uh—

Nia: Milly is Dex

Olive: True, true. You’re Keefe

Nia: lmao I’m the only artist here

Me: Olive, you’re, uh, Wylie

Stella: *dying laughing*

Stella: I’m— I’m Fitz—

Me: Wait that means I’m Tam

Nia: Sounds about right

Me: I wanted to be Keefe ;-;

Viv: I have another theory!

Me: Oh god, not this again

Viv: What if everyone is Keefe—

Stella: Zoe, we need to talk about your unhealthy obsession with Keefe

Me, who just got done crying over Keefe’s memories: What obsession

Viv: Okay, okay, hear me out: Tam, Dex, and Biana in a poly relationship

Lily: *opens mouth to refute it* *closes mouth* wait…

Me: I can see it! Screw the love triangle!

Lily: What Keeper character do I remind you of?

Me: Hm, probably Stina. But like, she’s awesome. But questionable. Like you!

Lily: Questionable?



Luka: Can you two calm down? He’s not that great.

Me: Wow. As the mom of the friend group, I hereby disown you. Goodbye.

Stella: Okay, Zoe, how many unfinished fanfics with Keefe in them do you have?

Me: *mumbles something*

Stella: What?

Me: like 14…

Stella: *disappointed*

Nia: Okay, but I’d be the only one who’d actually get along with Keefe. Think about it.

Milly: Maybe Zoe though

Me: thank you

Nia: Zoe’s too annoying for him

Me: …shut up I’m just lonely

Stella: Asking Keeper characters for their pronouns, go!

Me: Sophie would probably say “the girl ones” and Fitz would say “well, I’m a boy, so he/him”

Lily: Biana would say, “she/her! And yours?”

Viv: Marella would be a she/they

Me: Linh would be a she/her and Tam would be a xey/xem

Stella: ooh

Lily: Keefe would just run away. He clearly has hardcore gender dysphoria

Me: pfft—

k bye besties

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