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More Keeper headcanons: girl time!

lmaoooo still love these

Sophie Foster ✧

  • Lowkey has: paranoia
  • Allergic to: librium because that’s funny
  • A terrible artist
  • Has her ears pierced, but they’ve almost closed up
  • Honestly she’s just annoying so I don’t really think about her
  • Sophie once said: “Death isn’t real. It’s a social construct created by the government to instill fear and let them erase prole they dislike.”

Biana Vacker ✧

  • Lowkey has: yeah, a superiority complex
  • Allergic to: grey dye and pollen
  • Great at drawing outfits
  • A master cosplayer seamstress
  • Comes across as bi
  • Hardcore feminist
  • Literally just Rarity 😤💖
  • Would start up a small business—probably making lip gloss
  • Well aware of her own love triangle
  • Such a girlboss
  • Loves donuts
  • Her complements just erase all doubt and insecurities from someone’s head
  • Biana once said: “Who would win, me or Helen of Troy? Actually, don’t answer that—the answer is obviously me. In any category.”
  • (Yes, Helen of Troy was obviously an elf)

Linh Song ✧

  • Lowkey has: an inferiority complex 😔
  • Allergic to: a certain type of water plant (which I’ll just call uh hYdRoOt)
  • Actually creates lo-fi
  • Loves, loves, loves plants
  • Literally just wants to crochet her fat lil bees in peace
  • Super into kawaii puzzle games
  • Secretly loves slice-of-life and isekai fluffy-harem manwha/manga (her favorite is Komi Can’t Communicate)
  • Obsessed with kawaii snacks
  • A firm believer in April Fool’s Day
  • Loves cutting out pretty pictures from magazines and making collages (forces Marella to do it with her)
  • Linh once said: “If you don’t let me finish crocheting this potato, I’ll turn you into mashed potatoes.”

Marella Redek ✧

  • Lowkey has: nah she’s flawless
  • Allergic to: freakin quintessence. She was so confused when she found out
  • Piercings and tattoos ✨
  • Definitely a lesbian
  • Has slapped Fitz several times. Regrets none of them
  • A P!ATD fan
  • Super into cosplay and begs Biana to create costumes for her
  • The one who got Tam into Undertale/Deltarune
  • Aggressively feminist 💅
  • Actually close friends with Keefe but pretends she isn’t (no because I love their dynamic)
  • Marella once said: “The day I let a man my age tell me what to do is the day I act on my homicidal urges.”

Stina Heks ✧

  • Allergic to: unicorns. her parents were so disappointed
  • Has given up on being liked by Sophie
  • Actually had a crush on Sophie
  • Kinda seems aro/ace?
  • Would be super into TikTok storytimes
  • Lowkey reminds me of my awesome aunt
  • Stina once said: “I’m pretty sure I can pierce my own eyebrow. Actually. I’m pretty sure Marella could.”

Heheh… see you next time!

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