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Top five books Goodreads made me read 📔🥂


Goodreads. An interesting place.

It’s shoved several books down my throat, including—but not limited to!—The Cruel Prince, We Hunt the Flame, and Crying In H Mart.

Stick around to see which one I dnf’d because of my favorite character dying!

Ones I liked

✨four stars✨

Cardan >>>> everyone else

Cardan is fine as hell, okay? Anyone who disagrees is wrong, and probably has brain damage.

And Jude… I didn’t like her that much. She was okay, but not better than Cardan—

And I had high hopes for Locke… and well, that went basically nowhere.

And, honestly? Poor Taryn. I don’t particularly like her, but the hate she gets is just ouch!

Anyway, the first two books were pretty good, but Queen of Nothing?


I’m just glad Cardan survived—

If he died, I would’ve dropkicked the book across the room. and I almost did because excuse me, decapitation?? What??

✅ added to fandoms
✨five stars✨


That’s all I’ll say.


✅ added to traumatic backstory
✨four point five stars✨


Ajkhgrtyfsedbg everyone needs a Julian Diaz and that’s on periodt

And ugh, the girls in this?

s o f r e a k i n g f i n e .

Ooh, and Julian’s friends are now my role models, no questions asked.

Though, the ending?

Broke my little heart 🥺

✅ added to my soul

One that was eh

✨three stars✨

Look, I can’t explain it, but reading this book was just pain for me.

The second I picked it up, I was only reading at like 100 wpm

And it was confusing!

I couldn’t keep all the characters straight 🥴

But I persevered, and I finished it.

Yay. Are you proud of me? I know I am

✅ added to repertoire

One I dnf’d

✨idk i dnf’d✨

Look. This one wasn’t bad.

The characters were hard to connect with, that’s all.

But when Deen died? The only character I actually liked?

I could only make it through one more chapter before I had to give up.

Am I sorry? Eh, not really

✅ added to disappointments

All in all, Goodreads has good taste

I liked 3/5 of these, so yay!

Alright, g’bye

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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

2 thoughts on “Top five books Goodreads made me read 📔🥂

  1. I recently downloads cemetery boys after I read this! I’ll let you know what I think.
    I have been wanting to read the cruel prince for… really long now. Maybe I’ll get to it during my holidays : )

    Liked by 1 person

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