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Very random KotLC headcanons

I still love doing these 😌💅

Anyway, I got this idea while talking to my friend about *cough* spicy ideas *cough*

Some of which I’m not going to include because there’s no way that’s going on the Internet

But uh yeah that’s the pitiful introduction, onto the actual headcanons!

(This isn’t gonna be in a list format, cause I kinda wanna discuss the ideas behind each one

Also I don’t have that many—)

All genders are included in Match Lists

Okay, this one is more just like, “please Shannon” than “reasonable deduction”

But I mean, you’d be lying if you haven’t ever considered the many LGBTQIA+ ships spread across the fandom

Some of them are pretty cute, some of them are very questionable

Let’s be honest for a second: shipping two straight dudes together probably isn’t gonna work out

Elves also don’t discriminate against LGBTQIA+ folks

Another way the elves are far superior to us lowly humans

Unfortunately, considering all the very, very straight people in the series, there probably won’t be a aromantic Councilor or a lesbian Sophie Squad member

Sigh… there goes my dreams of Marlinh

There’s probably a theme park somewhere in Atlantis

This one is kinda self-explaining

There really has to be. Probably built by some Technopath with a lot of spare time

Tattoos and piercings please

Imagine… your favorite kickass characters with a septum piercing

I’d be lying to myself if I said I’ve never pictured it before

Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Suicide is unheard of

That really took a turn—

But, death itself is barely comprehendes by the elves, so someone who wants to die?

You could probably count on one hand the suicide count in the Lost Cities

Therapy doesn’t exist

This ties in with the suicide thing

The elves probably deny the existence of mental illnesses, so therapists aren’t a thing

The poor depressed elves would have to illegally hop over to the Forbidden Cities just for their prescription and a check up with their version of Miss Anna (my therapist)

Education is free

Well… it’s more like money (or lusters I guess) have like no value

When you think about, money that equals millions of (English) dollars, it’d be impossible to assign it appropriate value

Like, five hundred million times one million is like… 5e14? what

Stupid math terms. I barely freaking understand how to use exclamation points in a formula—

It’s a lot.

Pedophilia is incredibly hard to address

We’ve gone off of the deep end I think

This isn’t much of a headcanon, just a concern

Alden and Della are a hundred entire years apart, and that’s okay apparently

My mom spotted another example: Fitz and Sophie

While neither of them are legal adults (though Fitz is eighteen now so huh) it’s kinda iffy

And then!

The one what’s-her-name Mentor… Lady Belva I think


I was apparently the only one who was absolutely disgusted by that

God??? Doesn’t exist I guess???

Even though I’m a Christian (I guess) this gives me no problem.

What does give me a problem is the fact that this is never addressed.

Are the elves atheists? Or no?

Okay so that’s all I got

Not a lot sorry—

Okay byee see you next week 😙

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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

One thought on “Very random KotLC headcanons

  1. yeah the whole lady Belva thing was gross… but also they kinda don’t have anything to worry about with the age division because of the “no violence” thingy.


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