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The various traumas of fictional characters: Percy Jackson 😌💅

In like, December, Blue requested that I do… whatever this is to Percy.

Sorry it took so long; these take a long time to write! also I kinda forgot until January

The mood: Steal Something. by Bring Me the Horizon and Bullet In A Gun by Imagine Dragons

Okay, okay, we’ve got the music? The books and knowledge? The sadness from school? Let’s go!

backstory, lineage, etc

To start, Percy’s parents!

His godly parent is Poseidon, a glorified rapist— oh, sorry, an excellent parent

His mortal parent is Sally Jackson, an absolute sweetie who remarried to a very abusive man, Gabe Ugliano

She only remarried to protect Percy, though. Gabe’s literal stench was enough to drive away any monsters that caught a whiff of demigod toast

Thankfully, Sally turned Smelly Gabe into an appropriately hideous statue, and remarried to Paul Blowfis (that’s his name right? I can’t freaking remember)

So her story was wrapped up with a lovely satin bow of Estelle Jackson (her newborn daughter) and was ultimately rewarded with what she deserved for suffering under a terrible husband

But as for Poseidon… unfortunately, he will probably go unpunished in the canon universe since he’s “kind” and “respectful” and “probably didn’t force himself on Sally”

Really, the only two morally decent gods (not goddesses), being Hades and Ares, are blamed for most things.

Ares tried to kill his daughter’s rapist, but was portrayed as the villain, even in Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods.

Sigh. But now is not the time for my very prominent opinions on the Greek mythos.

Anyway, adventures and lead-up! Percy has been on several quests, a few smaller ones (stretching across PJO) and one very big one (in HoO) and of course, assisting Apollo (rather unwillingly) in ToA

It’s worth noting that Percy is the age of Luke in the Lightning Thief. And seems very done with the gods…

After all these quests, he’s seen and been through a lot.

I mean, for real: fighting actual gods, dealing with betrayal and loss, and obviously facing a lot of fear and pain.

But, his story is also neatly tied up with: zero apparent trauma, going to school with Annabeth, and peace!

Wait… zero apparent trauma?

Next slide please!

or what should’ve been trauma

Obviously, Percy should have some sort of lasting effect on his mental health.

He did kinda walk through literal hell after all…

But nope! His psyche seems perfectly fine and dandy. (And everyone else’s too; except Nico for some reason)

He can still joke and smile like a normal person. (well, good, but you get what I’m trying to say)

Cough cough Persassy

No flashbacks, moments of weakness, nothing! Which is probably a therapist’s dream, but not very realistic.

Honestly, I’m thinking really hard for a reason other than plot holes, but it kinda seems that Uncle Rick just… forgot about the highly probable kickback

Which, disappointing! There could’ve been moments with Annabeth calming him or vice versa! (As there is in fan fiction…)

It could’ve been that the whole “Mother Earth is evil now” thing forced him to move quickly on without ever having a moment to address his problems; but also that could make the problem worse

There isn’t really much to this other than, please pay more attention to recoil from what your characters are forced to go through!

insert good transition here

There’s not a lot to speculate about with Percy’s past. Three series, two predominantly about him and one with a cameo appearance

But his future! That’s completely up to debate!

Who knows what torture he could possibly be subjected too?

And yes, I know, the Camp Half-Blood Chronicles are done.

(But hey! Nico book!)

Honestly, my theories include: something happening to his college, family, or friends.

And even that’s pretty open too. So, narrowing it down?

Well… here’s the thing: it’s hard to.

There could a million things that prompt excessive fighting and fear and all that jazz.

Like… new villain! Annabeth’s sudden death! Or, my favorite, Camp Jupiter turns out to be evil… well, if Frank and Hazel drop out of their job or something.

Whew, that was a lifetime of knowledge being compressed into like 700 words

Sorry that it’s not as detailed as the last one… these are hard

bye 😚💗

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10 thoughts on “The various traumas of fictional characters: Percy Jackson 😌💅

  1. Dgjdhejdbjs-This was soo amazingly mind-boggling, just-brain-go-boom. Also yaassss the nico book, I think it’ll be about rescuing bob from tartarus but this time Nico will have Will. Also speaking of trauma- nico 😢😢

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