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Me versus other languages

こんにちは! (๑・ω-)~♥

I have recently downloaded Duolingo, because I want to learn new languages before my neuron pathways get hard and old and stinky

So far, I’m chugging through Greek and Spanish—with some Latin thrown in there because hey, I go to a classical school, I’ve been learning Latin for 3+ years, wHy noT.

(Edit: I quit Latin cause I’m still learning it in school and plan to continue taking through 7th and 8th grade)

Also Japanese.

bUt Do YoU kNoW hOw HaRd iT iS tO lEaRn A lAngUaGe WiTh LiTtLe To No GrAmMAr, ThReE aPhAbEtS, aNd WeIrD pRoNuNcIaTiOnS fOr EaCh ChArAcTeR??????????


I’m decently ahead in my Spanish, having completed about 5 full lessons.

In my Greek and Japanese I’ve only completed 2 lessons.

And my Latin… eheheh… no

And before you start to think that learning like four languages at the same time is hard, it’s not—at least for me

It helps my scattered brain to be able to switch gears to something that’s completely different

And it helps to remember all the different words and characters and pronunciations.

Ay, ¡yo hablo mexicano español!

Yo hablo sobre todo inglés sin embargo…

And I’m not that confident in my grammar, considering I’ve had to teach that to myself

But whatever, I can order coffee con leche y azúcar, and ask pagar la cuenta, I’ll be fine 😀

Oh, and ask pagar para la jugo de naranja, too!

(Man, Spanglish is mucho fun!)

I’m learning Greek because I want to be a classics professor whEn I gRow uP and that and Latin are kinda important for that kind of job.

I’ve made a little progress! I can say γενιά with some confidence

Of course, I probably spelled it wrong or something.

(I think I said hello)

And my pronunciation… we don’t talk about that here

At least I already knew the words for life and goodbye…

Ugh, I can barely speak this too.

I mean, I already knew how to say cat and dog!


I’m just kidding; I know that will take a lot of practice and time to be able to understand that.

It would be nice to able to learn it really fast though…

Oof, and that’s that.

I’ll update this when I can speak one of ‘em fluently enough.

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10 thoughts on “Me versus other languages

  1. I started learning spanish on duolingo because I’m going to a new school where I thought I was going to choose spanish as a third language- but then I was convinced to take french instead so that was a waste of time 😃🔪

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