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The Greek God book tag 🏛🤍

When I saw this tag here, written by Evin, I knew I had to do it.

I mean, books and Greek mythology? Yes!


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these are my own images; feel free to use them as long as you give me credit

Oof. I don’t really have one.

I mean, it’s like a three-way tie.

Mm, yes! I live for those self sufficient independent girlies!

I read this book while listening to Martinez’s album Crybaby and all my favorite songs by AJR.

The vibe was ✨immaculate✨

Fun fact: I saw my teacher reading this in fourth grade and I was like, “why don’t I read that??”

…more than a year later but still

(besides your favorite book)

Hehehe I’m prepared for this one

I hope this series shrivels up and disintegrates off the face of the earth

I’m trying to not repeat books 😩

Song of Achilles is one of my favorites though

I love all of these covers too much to choose just one 🥰

Maybe boring is unfair, but it definitely failed to capture my interest, even though I read both books in the duology

I’m already a pretty fast reader, so I choose ones that I keep reading without starting any other books, or just plain binged

Lowkey kinda proud of myself for figuring it out three chapters before the main characters did in One of Us😌✨

I tag literally anyone else who’s also obsessed with Greek mythology 😙

I tried so hard to find a place for an Hoffman book, but they refused to fit the criteria… sigh!

Oh well. Til next time, I suppose

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