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100 faces: round one

hi so it me

Unfortunately, the two people who requested drawings have no sites that I could find, so there’s no links
requested by Selina

<Annabeth Chase: 4D>


I don’t really like the mouth, but the rest isn’t trash

She just woke up, don’t judge her ✨

requested by Jadelyn

<Fitz Vacker: F7>

I will not be taking constructive criticism at this time

I literally love it 🥰🤚

okay bye besties make sure to request stuff

with this

~if someone doesn’t request 7H I’ll be upset ☺️~

Published by ✰ᴢᴏᴇ✰

✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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