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Mary Sue testing: Sophie Foster 

Hello, my fellow crazies 云

TodAy were gonna do something new: Mary Sue tests!

Basically, I have a list of criteria (I forgot where I got it from ;-;) and Ill grade Sophie a 0/0.5/1 (there are 34 questions). Well judge her from there

((Feel free to request characters in the comments!))

Naturally attractive and hates it for an unexplained reason

Uuh. Shes definitely naturally attractive, but I cant really remember if she hates her looks.

She definitely doesnt care or realize shes pretty.

So, 0.5

Great singing voice without lessons

多as Sophie ever even heard elven music??

(Personally, I have a headcanon that Sophie is a terrible singer)


(Unrealistically) super powerful

Um, yes.

I. Do. Not. Care. If shes a genetic experiment.

She has waaaay too much powershes a Telepath, a Polyglot, an Inflictor, a Teleporter, and an Enhancer!

Most elves have one ability!

Plus, all of those are canonically pretty rare

So, one.

Basic hero traitsselfless, strong, brave, talented, fierce, kind, admired, noble, smart, heroic, and wise

Thats literally all Sophies personality isplus the cute clumsiness literally every Mary Sue has for some reason.

One again.

An odd name


She has a human name, so thats odd, right??

Lets say 0.5

Fishes for complements

Kinda, a little bit, sort of


Always the hero

Its in Sophies literal (altered) DNA to be the hero.

Shes also the MC (main character) so she has those special rights

A nice and even 1

Unique traits without contacts or hair dye


I dont know

Cause most elves have blue eyes, and she has brown eyes (wIth fleCks oF gOld) but good ol Soph grew up with humans where that was common?

Lets go with 0.5 I guess

Other characters degraded for their sake

Uh if anything shes actually the one getting degraded (which makes no sense, I know)

Finally, another zero!

Always complemented without earning it

Yeah, kind of, honestly

Especially by Keefe but we dont talk about that

I dont know anymore. 0.5 I guess

Looks constantly commented on

Yep. Yep. Yep.

Well, I dont know about constantly, but definitely quite a few times

Especially Keefe again

One maybe??

Multiple characters falling for/hitting on them

Um, yes!!

Three out of the five main guys (and the three that were introduced first) live for her.

One literally immediately fell for her. *cough* Dex *cough*

One, duh

Unrealistic feats without logic


Like healing broken minds, beating the Neverseenjust not dying (Stina had that much right), and being able to do many advanced and rare Telepathy tricks.

One. Sophie, honey

Creators pet

Im pretty sure Sophie is.

I could be wrong, but whatever


No flaws called out

*thinking really hard because I am not flipping through thousands of pages, even for science*

匈 cant even think of any solid flaws she has, period.

Another one.

Always loved or trusted immediately

Yeah, pretty much

At least, really quickly

A sprinkle of 0.5

Love and trust from the most closed-off/distant characters

Yeah, Tam and Linh.

And does Marella count??

And Grady and Edaline, technically

And Dex and Keefe were both a bit distant.

One again

Wish fulfillment for readers

Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.

Sophies got special power, shes respected and a bit feared, shes got a lot of pretty boys chasing after her, natural beauty, and amazing friends.

One 丹儭

Kind but deadly

Literally her entire personality summed up.


Powers they controlled well without training


Literally all of Sophs abilities just appeared and she could use them incredibly well.

Yesthat includes her broken Inflicting and Enhancing. She could still use it, and after it was fixed she immediately figured it out.

o n e .

Gets relationship they want

(That being Sophie and Fitz)


It was pretty toxic, lasted for, like, a month, and then Sophie decided Fitz was just a friend.


Authors self-insert

如robably, honestly.

Im not sure though

Sure, 0.5 I guess

Tragic backstory

Kind of?

~Im too lazy to explain it, so 0.5~

Never shows weakness


Oh, no, Sophie cries and whines all the time.

Shes good in this department.

Zero at long last

Thick plot armor

y e s .

The amount of times she should have died is through the roof.

Like, honey, I dont care if youre the main character! Die already!

One 云

Never/rarely injured


Nah, your girl over there has more holes than a block of Swiss.


Contradictory traits

I mean kind of???????????????

~Im literally done with this but I want it to be published~

Zero! Point!! Five!!!

Relationships with beloved characters

Shes friends with literally all of the characters introduced (that are her age)

And if we want to talk about beloved k e e f e .

One 弗

A rival to make them look good

No, not really.

Well, does Stina count?

I feel like thats a kinda


Seen as perfect/angelic in everyones eyes

y e a h p r e t t y m u c h


Skilled in many things

*think* *thinker* *thinkest*

I mean, shes overpowered, so sort of

(Theres been a lot of this )

one half

A resurrection

*tempted to say yes because of how many times she should have died*

^but no, I must remain truthful^


Never fails

Oh, boy, has Sophie failed a lot.

The main one being that the bad guys are still perfectly fine (haha!)


Always the one to figure things out

宇heres really been like two mysteries.

And shes only helped with one

As for fights, she usually starts an internal monologue about how terrible things look then sometimes the deus ex machina shows up and everythings all sunshine and rainbows again.

~~~seven fourteenths~~~

Lets tally em up!

*starts counting on fingers*

吁ophies score is 20.5!

With fourteen 1s and thirteen 0.5s, shes pretty OP. Maybe not quite a Mary Sue, but definitely getting there.

Alright, this was a painful post to write.

Good day.

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aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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