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Keeper girl headcanons—bigger and better than ever!

Ah, it’s finally here—the girl version of the headcanons.

And I’m finally back, too! Did ya miss me? I promise I still love y’all—

((And once again, remember that these are just my opinions/theories on things that were never canonically confirmed! 😀))

{also I only have a couple for Marella, Stina, and Maruca I’m sorry}

Sophie Foster ❤️‍🩹

  • Sign: Pisces ♓️
  • Theme song: Glued by Melanie Martinez (ouch)
  • Mental illnesses: PTSD and anxiety
  • This girl is an absolute mess 99% of the time—except for when she’s sleeping
  • Definitely has a diary. “dEaR dIaRy ToDaY fItZ tAlKeD tO mE oMg!”
  • Actually lowkey likes to be dressed up by Biana but would never say it
  • Major bookworm—she still buys and reads books from the Forbidden Cities
  • Would annotate and highlight her books too 👌
  • Definitely likes indie pop—especially AJR
  • I want to believe she’d love the Greek mythos like me 🥺
  • Got a human phone 😌✨
  • And got everyone else a human phone
  • Fantasizes about becoming an author and writing about her adventures (cough)
  • Greatest phobia? Claustrophobia
  • Considered taking elixirs (daily) so that her eyes would be blue
  • But take a second to appreciate how much she’s been through. I’m surprised she can still joke, and Keefe too—
  • Had to grow up really fast. And is still doing it!
  • Just imagine Sophie with tattoos though. She’d have a black skull on her hand to represent her echoes 💀
  • This girl needs therapy 😩
  • Dark Academia gurl
  • Favorite color: teal, duh. But I lowkey think it’s changed to red

Biana Vacker 💖

  • Sign: Cancer. Don’t kill me please—
  • Theme song: Princesses Don’t Cry by Carys
  • Mental illnesses: Also PTSD and ✨possibly✨ a superiority complex
  • Also needs therapy 😃
  • The friend with the sailor mouth
  • Despises mirrors, yet still uses them
  • Goes to bed pretty early and wakes up also very early
  • Goes shopping at least once a week, and buys at least five things
  • Uses curlers 😌
  • Legitimately shows off her scars
  • Would be the kind of person to go, “oh you think you have it hard? Well—”
  • Loves the alicorn babies 🥰
  • No, but her back must hurt from carrying the series—
  • She would be a model. Fight me, I dare you.
  • Carries around an average of three weapons per outfit
  • We all know about the Foster love “triangle,” but what about the whole thing between her, Dex, and Tam?? This needs to be talked about!
  • Number one match? Some random dude 😀 did you actually think I’d say Tam or Dex?? (It’s Tam—)
  • Favorite color: purple 💜

Linh Song 💘

  • Sign: Aquarius, duh
  • Theme song: Life In Color by OneRepublic 🌈
  • Mental illnesses: I don’t know 😭
  • This girl is so cottagecore it hurts—
  • Just an UwU girl 🥺
  • Uses kaomojis (◕‿◕✿)
  • Likes to say stuff like “ethereal” and “reverie” and “luxurious”
  • Somehow doesn’t hate her parents
  • She reminds me so much of Bianca di Angelo 😞
  • Loves Disney (no, not Dex 🤪)
  • Manifested when she was playing the nearby water at Choralmere with Tam, and he was nearly washed out to sea
  • Would play and enjoy Animal Crossing
  • Her favorite villager would definitely be Merengue 🍰
  • I feel like her future job would painting landscapes 🖼
  • Would love gardening 👩🏻‍🌾
  • The “mom friend”
  • I said it before, and I’ll say it again: V S C O G I R L (andioop sksksksksksksksksk)
  • Okay but Linh with scrunchies 😚
  • The younger twin 😌😌😌
  • T H E M O R E P O W E R F U L T W I N
  • But she just wants to sing with the birdies like a princess
  • If looks could kill she’d be a mass murderer (by looks I mean the condescending kind)
  • “What’s a meme?”
  • Favorite color: all of them 🥰

Stina Heks 💜

  • Sign: Scorpio ♏️ 😈
  • Theme song: 100 Bad Days by AJR
  • Mental illness: superiority complex
  • Is actually really insecure about her family 😗
  • Would wear makeup 💄
  • Was actually really excited to join Team Valiant
  • Did y’all notice when she called Sophie “Foster?” Idk but that s h o o k m e .
  • Likes those flip-sequin type of thing
  • Would play Mario games
  • Would be a sore loser because she’s terrible at the games
  • Favorite color: dark purple

Marella Redek ❤️‍🔥

  • Sign: Leo (I promise I’m not biased—)
  • Theme song: Here by Alessia Cara
  • Mental illnesses: superiority and inferiority complex, anxiety, and depression
  • Memelordddddd 😎
  • This girl only reads enemies to lovers 💔
  • Would get piercings and tattoos 👌
  • Tough Love™️
  • The one overprotective friend
  • The chill but also actually really edgy friend
  • Spends literally all her time on the human phone Sophie got her. TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, everything
  • And she has like millions of followers
  • Is definitely not above threats to get what she wants
  • Fourth wall: s h a t t e r e d .
  • Favorite color: scarlet 😌

Maruca Chebota 💙

  • Sign: Gemini 😇
  • Theme song: Wait A Minute! by WILLOW
  • Mental illnesses: let’s go with a classic: a superiority complex, something almost all elves have
  • When she manifested, she accidentally created a forcefield around Wylie and it took her hours and get it to disappear
  • Favorite colors: pink, purple, and blue
  • That’s literally all I got sorry 😭

Aaand—I’m gonna show you all my three posters I got from books, since I spiked the interest of some people. (You know who you are)

The same picture of it 😌

I got that one from my Heroes of Olympus set. Beautiful.

My brothers always gag when they see this 😆

I got that one from the Barnes&Noble exclusive version of Unlocked (it was the underside of the normal book jacket)—which I actually didn’t realize it was exclusive until after I bought it.

But, I mean, $30 was worth it.

((Except I keep re-reading Keefe’s memories and I don’t have the emotional capacity for that every day—))

It’s my pride and joy, and the only reason I’m still alive, and I love it—

My wall is embarrassingly dirty 😅

And that one is from my complete set of Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Alright, bye 😙

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