Spirits—Twenty-Word Tuesday

You can find the original post here!

She climbed into bed, exhausted from the hard day.

Something pale lingered in the corner of her eye.

A spirit.

Soo, I kinda feel guilty for going on hiatus.

I’m still on hiatus, but since these posts are so easy and fun to write, I thought I’d still ~occasionally~ do these.

Umm, don’t expect to see me next Tuesday though 😀

Published by ζωή!

Well, I like everything Riordanverse, Keeper, and My Hero Academia related. If you like any of those things, you’ll have fun here! 🤪

7 thoughts on “Spirits—Twenty-Word Tuesday

  1. Hey, I loved this!
    These 20 word Tuesdays look like fun and easy posts to do, and i was just wondering… being relatively new to the blogosphere and all, is it like accepted courtesy if you got the idea from another blogger even if it’s not their original idea, to just say where you got it from originally and then also the website that hosts it? If that makes any sense at all… xD

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