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Fictional characters… part two!


Here we have a part two of this post that seemed to be well-liked.

The revamped sheet!

I’ll do six of these this time ☺️

I’ll probably keep doing this until I’ve done/answered everything on the paper 😁

First one: characters I would bring with me to a deserted island 🏝

Okay, obviously Annabeth Chase. She’s smart; we’ll survive.

Probably also Katsuki Bakugo because while he is very violent, he’s also pretty smart and he’d be able to get food and stuff.

And lastly, Dex Dizznee, because of his ability to create stuff that’s more-or-less helpful.

And then we won’t be stuck on that island for long 😌

Hmm, characters I would kill 😃🔪

I bet you’re expecting me to say Fitz. Well, you’re wrong.

I have priorities, okay?

I would kill Stain, All For One, Dabi, Endeavor, Mineta and that weirdo White Line from My Hero Academia.

Fintan, Gethen, all the freaking Councillors except Terik, Lady Gisela, and Lord Cassius from Keeper of the Lost Cities.

Stabby, stabby, HATRIS FUTUOR!!

(Heheh, I have a screenshot of how to swear in Latin; you can’t stop me!)

Characters that deserve the world 🥺

K E E F E S E N C E N .

P E R C E U S J A C K S O N .

S H O T O T O D O R O K I .

And that is all 😌

Ooh, characters I would kill for 😏

Keefe again 😌😌😌

*trying to think of others*

Probably Deku too. Even though he could kill me

(not mine!) He’s kinda scary tho 😗

I would probably sign up as a bodyguard for literally any of the elves though 😇

I would like to be a bodyguard for Marella thought. She’s my second favorite character—and I mean extremely close second.

Characters that shouldn’t have died 😭


Twice and Magne.

I don’t care if they were villains. They didn’t deserveeeeee ittttt 😞

They just— they were so sweet—

Oh my god, especially Twice 😞

Characters I count as my friends 🤓

All the characters from the first Percy Jackson series 😎

I grew up with them okay?? 😭😭😭

And that’s part two… of whatever!

(Y’all can suggest names in ye olde comments or something)

Sorry it was so short… uh, αυτοί.

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