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My ships summed up in songs

(Guys: 100 faces drawing challenge thing is over now! Just a reminder!)


This is so random, I can’t even think of anything really to say—

Sokeefe (Sophie Foster X Keefe Sencen—KotLC) gets to be Last Of The Real Ones by Fall Out Boy because it is SO. ACCURATE. Well, and Treat You Better and Mercy by Shawn Mendes, but I like Fall Out Boy better 😙

But also Death Of A Bachelor…. *laughing so hard while writing this*

Oh, and God Only Knows by Beach Boys—I love that song 😛

I could make an entire post with songs for Sokeefe. (There’s also Sucker and—)

Percabeth… Percabeth (Percy Jackson X Annabeth Chase—PJO) is definitely Miss Jackson Born To Be Yours by Kygo & Imagine Dragons

Percy would (very badly) sing Swim if Annabeth won’t let him have blue food 😂

Wherever I Go by OneRepublic is Jiper (Jason Grace X Piper McLean—PJO)… cause you know why (R.I.P.)

Frazel (Frank Zhang X Hazel Levesque—PJO) is 100% Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay…

aChiLleS aNd hiS gOooOoLD—

Solangelo (Will Solace X Nico di Angelo—PJO) is Everybody Talks by Neon Trees… IT STARTED WITH A WHIIIIIIISSPEEEEEER

Yes I listen to oldie songs leave me alone

Life In Color by OneRepublic is just so Tiana (Tam Song X Biana Vacker—KotLC). I love it 🥰

Izuchaco (Izuku Midoriya X Ocacho Uraraka—BNHA) is Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood, the classic song 👌

Kiribaku (Ejiro Kirishima X Katsuki Bakugo—BNHA)(aka. my favorite ship after Sokeefe) is my precious child that I will protect (even though they should probably protect me 🤧) gets Alone Together by Fall Out Boy because I love that soooooong

That’s all I got, but it was a lot of fun writing this… so let me know if y’all want some more!!


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10 thoughts on “My ships summed up in songs

  1. This was a really fun and creative idea for a post and I really enjoyed reading it! 😊 I definitely agree with the Percabeth one. Maybe next time write out the full ships and where they are from for people who aren’t familiar with the ship names because I’m pretty sure I know most of these characters, I’m just not familiar with all of the fandom ship names.

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