3rd batch of 100 faces + a quiz I made


Sorry about the wait, I was waiting for more requests but none came so here we are 😂

Luna Underwood’s request

I like this one a lot, except the jawline.

Bea’s request

This one is alright; I just don’t like the eyes.

Next, we have two quizzes I made on FormsApp, (not quite Google Forms, but almost) which is right here and here! I’ll be making a sorta reaction post to all of the answers I get on the most popular quiz. like Ray did

So it’s one of those “guess the character cause it’s in emojis” quizzes… but I like so 😁

Remember: requests are open for 100 faces til the end of June! Request the character(s) and the coordinate(s) and wait a bit for a drawing!

Alright, αυτοί! 😀

Published by ζωή!

Well, I like everything Riordanverse, Keeper, Demon Slayer, and My Hero Academia related. If you like any of those things, you’ll have fun here!

19 thoughts on “3rd batch of 100 faces + a quiz I made

  1. Great job on these drawings! I’ve always preffered Rapunzel with short hair like you’ve drawn her here. You seem to be a little hard on yourself when it comes to your drawings, I understand and do the same with my writing, but know that your drawing really is great! ❤ I did one of the quizzes, I’m not sure how well I did though, they might all be wrong XD. Anyway, I had fun doing it! 😊

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