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Trying out a… schedule?! (and other stuff)


First off, I’ll be attempting to stick to a schedule: every Friday (expect twenty-word Tuesdays, which I’ll be trying to do on the same day)

Of course, this means my posts will now be a bit chaotic because little posts will be crammed with bigger posts… well, like this one

I can’t guarantee that the schedule will be ✨stuck to,✨ but there will be a genuine try 😀

Anyway, back (?) to the bigger post

Okay, since I’ve been 🤪obsessed🤪 with PicCollage lately, I thought I could just do one of those “do it with me” type of posts… or something

(So two PicCollage posts in a row? 🤔)

So we pull up PicCollage and select “Freestyle” and then “wallpaper”

(Already not liking this post)

[So, um, a warning: my process is pretty chaotic

I advise you to not follow what I’m doing 😅]

Anyway, so we’re going with Sokeefe for this collage so we pull up the little “search for photos” bit and we search up “Sokeefe” and just select a butt-ton of nice-looking pictures


So it’s all arranged because PicCollage does this thing where it automatically arranges the first batch of photos you pick… but we’re far from done 😈

Oh, I searched up “pink heart glitter” for the background btw

Next, Sophie Foster photos! yaay

(Darn you PicCollage, arranging my photos for me! No, jk, we’re going to move ‘em around a lot)

Finally! Lord Hunkyhair! 💕

(Haha, not messing with my photos anymore?!)

noOoW, we search for flowers… cause love…. and stuff…. I guess

Ooh pretty 😂

*PicCollage crashes randomly*

*I panic*

*oh it’s fine never mind*


Next we have hearts I guess

Lastly, the famed heart crown! I love these so much 👉👈

Good thing we’re done with photos, cause we reached our 50 photo limit 😂😳

Next thing we do is make all the photos nice and smol and make a pile cause it helps my ✨creative process✨

I don’t know what to now, so I’ll just show the pictures all sorted out

That took a good 30 minutes

Last step: adding text!

First is “Sophie Foster”

Second, “Keefe Sencen”

Third, “Sokeefe” (finally!)

Okay, now that’s a work of art

Aaaaand, we are finally done!

Better pic of it

(Don’t know why I kept saying “we” instead of “me”)

I made this collage for my mom, cause she started KotLC! Yaay! But she’s on Team Fitz. Boo!

sPeAkInG oF wHiCh, I wanted to clarify something that I think might be important—I don’t necessarily hate you if I hate something you ship, or a character you like. I’d be a little obnoxious about it for a bit, but that would be it. Just something to get out there.

Oh and something about Sophitz. For others it might go like: “I ship Sokeefe, so therefore I dislike Sophitz.” For me it’s: “I hate Fitz but I like Keefe so therefore I like Sokeefe and not Sophitz.”


Αυτοί, mγ αmιcαε!

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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

9 thoughts on “Trying out a… schedule?! (and other stuff)

  1. Bahahaha did your mom take a lot of convincing before she started reading the series? Mine kinda did, but she actually just gave in pretty quickly 😂
    Annnnnd sokeeeeefe 😌😌😌

    Liked by 1 person

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