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Dumping Pokémon stuff on you



So… Pokémon!

My personal favorite has to be Mewtwo or Ditto, Ditto because imma sucker for those shape-shifting Pokémon. I can’t explain why.

So I’m playing through Sword for the second time now and I chose Scorebunny, because Cinderace. And I way over-leveled said Cinderace and now I just Pyro Ball anything in my way. Even Water Types. Literally ohkos them.

We have the DLCs too, and I just Klara for the first time; barely took damage from her. hErEs yOuR fIrSt dAmAgE oN tHe iSlE oF aRmOr. Stop it. You’re just annoying, not a challenge.

I haven’t stepped foot on the Crown Tundra, and I won’t til I either defeat Raihan or Leon. Because level 60 Pokémon—jeez!

Can we talk about my name team: a team based off of the first letter of my [real] name, which is Z. An entire team of legendaries. Zacian, Zamazenta, [Galarian] Zapdos, Zera-Oura, Zerude, Zygarde. Of course, there’s Zebstrika, Zigzagoon… uh…

Oh right. But I forget their names. 😅

My favorite type is definitely Dragon. All the Sudo-legendaries I could need! Also Noivern. I love that giant bat.

So I remember my first Dynamax den (a Nincada) and I was so excited because that bug Pokémon was huge. And I remember throwing the Pokéball out in a battle. And I was so confused as to why it wasn’t big! Well, past Zoe (yes that is my real name), IT WASN’T DYNAMAXED.

I was technically born in Gen-7, but we ended up getting Gen-8 sooner. Sword is my first Pokémon play through.

Soon I’ll give y’all a tour (?) of my Pokémon binder! I have over three hundred cards. I have a Eevee/Snorlax tag-team—which I’m very proud of—and an Ultra Beast. (Guzzlord!)

My first “wild” Gigantamax Pokémon was a Butterfree. Yay. But now I actually like Butterfree because of that.

Everyone in Galar is like, oh wow Milo is so hard to defeat! You literally need one Fire Type move to wipe the floor with his face. That’s it.

Kabu being the “first roadblock” was accurate. Was. This time, I had one Gyrados and pulverized him. Destroyed. Adios. Will not miss.

But Bea… How is she so hard? I literally defeated Leon one try, with no Water types. But Bea took me two tries. Which isn’t the end of the world, but why? She should be the final gym leader, not Raihan.

Klara literally wouldn’t care if you were choking to death right in front of her. In fact, she would probably strangle you as you’re slowly dying. And then dust off her uniform and say something like, “I told you not to get in my way.” She literally—in your third battle against her—sets up a terrain trap—poison spikes. That girl wants you dead.

Really enjoying our gifs, aren’t we

That’s all I can think of, so αυτοί!

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