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M – Mistletoe

M-Mistletoe (26X26)

“Yeah, Mom, I’ve been good this year,” I joked.

She just smiled and returned to her eggs she was cooking. “Scrambled eggs?”


Just so you know, I won’t be filling this story with personal info. Like oh I like him or her this person backstabbed me blah blah blah things. Only what happens during the night. Y’know, evil Christmassy stuff.

Okay cool. Anyway. Night.

This time I woke up earlier in the night—eleven o’clock. I quickly crept down the stairs. Sure enough, the thing—whatever you want to call it—had started.

Ornaments rolled off the tree and onto the ground. It looked like they were growing arms and legs—weird!

My crazy brain started to form a theory: what if each night they “rise” they grow and become more human-like and stronger until they take over?

Now normally, I don’t make paranoid assumptions about a tree’s décor. But this wasn’t normal. So I believed it. Which means I had to stop the it ornaments from getting stronger and rising each night.

I almost gasped out loud. Me, Melody Smith (my last name, in case you couldn’t tell), saving the world? It was the kind of thing I would read about. Except with giants and elves. Also powers and friends. I had neither.

So how would I save whatever I need to save with the power of friendship?

Answer: …Yeah I have no clue whatsoever. Which… yikes.

A loud voice scared me out of my thoughts. “One day closer! To victory, to strength!”

A cheer went up. “WHOO! VICTORY! STRENGTH!”

“Yes, yes! All good things! But keep in mind: we will not be able to have these wonderful things if a human finds out and is able to get others to believe him! But we will never let this happen!”


“Then Admiral, forward!”

A big piece of mistletoe (strange; not an ornament?) stepped out of the crowd. He saluted… I think. “Yes sir! Present!”

“Tell me: what progress has been made in our project?”

“We have located a place for the dynamics!”

“Ah yes. Good!”

My mind through all was stuck on one thing: get others to believe him her. Hmm. So if I could get others to believe me, I would be saving the world?

Word count: 374

Published by ✰ᴢᴏᴇ✰

✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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