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K – King


K-King (26X26)

“So… uh…” That was it. No more words left. Felix scrapped the plan.

New plan: get Lucia and Antonia get to safety.

Felix fished out one of Antonia’s crystal—a levitation one—from her bag. He whispered the words needed to kickstart the spell.

Nemesis realized a second too late that Felix was getting away with all of her captives. “No!” She lunged toward them, but Felix was fast, especially with the huge adrenaline rush he was getting.

Felix couldn’t tell you how long or even how fast he ran. Just a lot.

When he was in sight of a building—a castle no less—he slowed. The adrenaline faded and he stumbled. The spell was still working, though. He approached the entrance. “Hello! I’m Felix! These are my… companions,” He nodded to the two floating unconscious girls. “and we need somewhere to stay!”

Incredibly, the portcullis creaked open and a man dressed in pearls and jewels came out.

He did a double take when he saw Lucia. “Is that… my daughter?”


When they were all inside, the king took Lucia carefully in his arms. “Oh my god… it is her… after so many years…” A tear traced his cheek.

He cleared his throat. “I suppose I should introduce myself. I am the king of this land. My name is Valerius.” He turned to Felix. “You look a lot like a wanted criminal. Do you know him? He goes by the name “Justian”. He stole my daughter.”

It was Felix’s turn to be utterly confused. “That’s— that’s my brother’s name. But…” He trailed off as he remembered the memory of Justian pouring something in his mother’s cup… Poison. His brother was a wanted murder. “That’s my brother…”

Valerius looked surprised. “Really. Really. I’ll have to somehow contact your parents…” he seemly submerged himself in thought.

Felix stayed for a moment longer. Then he gently pried Lucia from the king and brought her and Antonia to a bedroom he found after a couple minutes of exploring.

He laid them both down on a a huge bed and left to go find the king—maybe beg for protection or something.

He found Valerius. “Hey, uh, Your Majesty. I was wondering if we could stay here, maybe ‘cause Lucia related and all.” Oof.

“Hm? Oh, oh, of course! I officially give you my protection to stay here for as long as you desire!”


And so they stayed. Fast forward a couple years or so, Felix and Lucia ended up married. The king gave his position to Felix as his new son-in-law. Antonia met someone. They have yet to get married, though.

And so, they mostly lived happily ever after. Mostly.

Word count: 445

What’d you think! The story is done now! Whew!

I very kindly decided to not kill them all. You’re welcome.


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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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