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J – Jolly

Salvete, αmιcαε!

J-Jolly (26X26)

Felix ran to Lucia. She didn’t look good; she was bleeding and passed out.

Antonia was looking better, considering the lack of blood.

Felix couldn’t help himself. He kissed Lucia gently as she lay on the ground. She stirred slightly.

He turned to face Nemesis, who was smiling. “You have feelings for the girl.”

Not a question: a fact. And a true fact.

Nemesis tilted her head. “Then I wonder how you will react when I do this.” She unsheathed her sword and cut off Lucia’s entire arm.

Felix let out a guttural sob.

Nemesis seemed satisfied—thank god. She turned her attention to Felix, who was now filled with adrenaline to kill the immortal somehow. He gripped the silver dagger he found on the ground.

“You think you can hurt me? How amusing.” Nemesis didn’t smile.

Felix leapt forward and jabbed at her arm. She simply moved to the side; he missed.

“You aren’t very good at fighting, are you?”

Felix didn’t respond.

Nemesis moved quickly toward Antonia and gave her a gash on her leg.

Felix knew he was next. He needed to protect Antonia and Lucia somehow…

He kneeled next to Lucia as Nemesis watched with a detached interest.

He whispered words in her ear. He hoped they were healing words and not… anything else.

Nemesis laughed, startling him. “How funny. Your friends, meaning to save you; now one lays dead at your feet.”

Hot black anger filled Felix. He lived with people like Nemesis; people who hurt others for their own amusement.

Random words smothered his mind, in his desperation to make a plan. Sword… plants… jolly… Christmas…

In other words, he was doomed.

Wait. No. He did have a plan: a desperate, risky one that had a low chance of success, but a plan nonetheless.

He started to talk. “Nemesis, what do you think of Christmas? A rather pointless time of year, don’t you think? Holly, jolly nonsense.”

Nemesis seemed taken aback, but she talked back, because she thought he was practically already defeated. “Holly jolly nonsense… hm, I think Christmas is on one hand wonderful, people being dissatisfied and disappointed over their expensive presents, and on the other all the joy and giving: disgusting.”

Felix slowly crept forward—slow enough for Nemesis to not notice—while still keeping eye contact. “I quite agree. Why have the privilege of gifts if you only ask for certain things and then be devastated when you don’t get what you desire? A wonderful time, though, for the Angel of Revenge, I assume.”

“Why yes. Yes, people have the silly need for small follies of they didn’t give me this, I must inflict pain! when that exact scenario happens!”

Closer still, with knife in the palm of his hand. He was already running out of conversational ideas. “But what if they are satisfied with their gifts?”

“I hurt them either way!” Nemesis said with no sort of remorse.

Felix resisted the urge to stab her then and there—to early.

Word count: 501


Published by ✰ᴢᴏᴇ✰

✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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