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H – Holly

Salvete, amicae!

We have the prompt for H now!

(Sorry for posting this so soon after G)

H-Holly (26X26)

•This is Felix’s point of view!•

Felix gasped as a giant twisted his arm behind his back. He desperately transmitted to the nearest minds he could sense. Help! Danger! Help!

He faintly heard Antonia’s voice say back, where! How? When!

NemesisCyclopes… danger...

Felix fainted (because he had reached his pain limit) and his mind went blank.


He woke up, very painfully, to a dark haired woman with pale skin and giant raven wings and black weapons on weapons. Probably Nemesis.

The only reason Felix didn’t freak out was because he was too tired.

“So. The little boy who dared to inflict pain on his mother, and ultimately killing her, captured before my feet.”

Felix’s mind struggled to find the fitting memories to understand what she meant.

He could only find Justian with a dark green drink in his hand—probably wine—then handing it to a blonde woman that looked very similar to Felix. Oh. Mother.

“Remembering your crimes?” Nemesis boomed.

Felix knew the wide thing to say would be yes, but he just couldn’t force the words out of his mouth. “N- no,”

Instead of blasting him to ashes, the Angel raised an eyebrow. “False implanted memories of no remembrance then?”

“Uh, I guess. Wait. What?”

Nemesis loomed closer. “I asked if you had your memories of your crime removed to escape punishment?”

“Well, uh, I don’t remember.” He resisted the urge to add, obviously.

Nemesis clenched her obsidian sword. “Of course.

“But, uh, I remember my brother doing something.”

Nemesis silently took in this new information. “No. No, it can’t be your brother. Clever memory implant, I would guess.”

“Uhm, thanks?”

That was not a compliment!” Nemesis hissed. “Maybe whomever did this is talented, but not you!”

“Gee, thanks.” Felix muttered.

“Yes, you are welcome.” Nemesis said dismissively. It seemed like she was done with the conversation.

Felix took in his surroundings. He was in a dark forest. With trees. Also plants. Green ones. Also some bright green sprigs of holly, which he felt was important.

Almost missed doing the word! 😅😆

Word count: 322

Just a little background because this will never actually be explained as the characters already “know” this, but gods will be classified as angels (Archangels will be the Christian-type angels) and dæmons, giants and titans. Greek monsters will still be called by name.


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