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G – Gift


Onto prompt G… for gift!

G-Gift (26X26)

Antonia called, “Felix? Where are you?” Then she noticed Lucia. “Oh. Hello. Have you seen Felix? I can’t find him anywhere!

“Uhm, no. What time is it?”

“Morning,” Antonia waved vaguely at the sun in the sky. “Early,”

Oh, great thought Lucia. “Early.”

Justian came into the room, bleary-eyed with messy hair. His eyes widened when he noticed the two girls. “Wh-“ he yawned. “Where’s Felix?”

That’s the problem!” Antonia threw he hands up in the air. “No one knows!”

“Oh. Um, well, I had this little gift for him. It- it used to be Mother’s; I thought he would like it, I guess.”

“Oh. That’s nice.” Lucia said awkwardly while Antonia continued to rant about how she was surrounded by idiots and she would find Felix herself.

“Want to, uh, want to see it?”

“Yeah.” Lucia cupped her hands around the tiny box. She carefully opened it to find a… coin of some sort.

Justian laughed at her disappointment. “What? Were you expecting an alienus egg?”

Maybe, thought Lucia. Sort of.

“That coin is very special, trust me. I can’t exactly tell you why, so you’ll have to trust me.”

“You said that twice.” was the only thing Lucia thought to say next.

Justian paused, reviewing his words. “Yeah, I guess I did. Hey, listen, do you want to—“

He was cut off by Antonia exclaiming, “I know where he is!”

“Uh, great! Where?”

“Three miles away!”

Lucia groaned. Her feet hated her for all the walking. Three miles? Really?

But she kept a somewhat peppy face on, and asked, “Are we going right now?”

“Of course not! He’s surrounded by barbarians and monsters!” Antonia replied, as if she said, “He’s at his friend’s house!”

“Oh. Well. Is he okay?” Justian asked.

“I think so. Mind-rea- uh, his handwriting his hard to read.”

Lucia caught her slip. Mind-reading? Was that what Felix specialized in? Was that the big secret he was keeping? Did Lucia have a speciality? Was it something useful like invisibility? Could she—

Justian cut her off by saying, “He told me— um, wrote me the same thing. Cyclopes?”

“Yes, even Nemesis for some reason.”

“Herself? What did he do?”

“Something awful enough to need some big payback.”

Justian thought for a second when his eyes darkened. “I know what he did. I can’t believe it. How…?”

“Whatever it is, it’s got to be 100% Felix.”

Justian whispered something in her ear. She blanched. “No.”

Yes. I don’t even know how, why, when… Thus is something he’s never done.”

“Uncle?” Antonia whispered. “Really?”

Word count: 425.

Αυτοί, ενεrγοηε!

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✎ aspiring writer and artist. lives for Undertale and Deltarune, KotLC, and everything Riordan has written ever

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