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F – Feast


Now we have prompt #6: feast!

F-Feast (26X26

And now onto the story! *jazz hands*

Antonia huffed as she finally caught up with Felix snd Lucia. “Felix… you know… I have to… rest after… magic!”

Lucia felt bad, as she in fact didn’t know this. “Really? Is that because magic is like draining your power?”

Antonia blinked, the laughed. “Ah, no. No, it’s just tiring.”


Nobody had anything to say, so they continued walking and looking anywhere but the other people’s faces.

They came across another house that Felix led them too. “My older brother,” he said by way of explanation.

Felix knocked at the door. Lucia would’ve thought he would use the pretty golden bell Antonia used.

An older and more fit version of Felix answered the door. He seemed surprised too see Felix, as well as the two girls. “Uh, Felix, what are you doing here?”

In classic brotherly fashion, Felix didn’t reply. He just walked past his brother and into the house. He gestured for them to follow him.

Antonia went first. Lucia cautiously went in next.

The house was huge, with seemly priceless artifacts at every turn. The most concerning out of all of them were the statues. Of gods and titans.

Concerning! Lucia thought.

“Justian, where is Claudia?”

Justian flushed. “She ch- um, she left. Still don’t know why, but…” He turned up his hands.

No.” Felix said, wide-eyed. He seemed to have heard something else. “She didn’t.”

Justian flushed an even darker shade of red. “Aquila.”

“I… why?”

Lucia flailed her arms in a—sorta desperate—attempt to get their attention.

It worked, and they stopped their lopsided conversion.

“What is it?” Justian asked.

Lucia blurted the first thing that came to her mind: “I’m hungry!”

Antonia face-palmed.

“Erm, well, I can- I can fix that? I have a lot of food. For no apparent reason…”

It took a total of only twenty minutes for him to set up what seemed like a feast to Lucia. So much food…

She dug in with relish while Felix and Antonia ate like normal human beings.

After the big meal, it was already dark (it took Felix a very long time to find Justian’s house), so Lucia took some sheepskin and slept near the hearth, like she was used to doing.


In the morning, Lucia awoke. No nightmares the entire night! Just calm, peaceful sleep that refreshed her body.

She went to the big oakwood that had the food on it the day before and sat down, waiting for the others to wake up. She was used to getting up early, seeing as she lived on a farm.

She sat there, for maybe and hour or so, letting her mind wander, when she finally heard Antonia’s voice.

Word count: 447!

Αυτοί, mγ gσοδ frιεηδs!

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