How the battle against Gaea SHOULD’VE gone


Salvete, fellow demigods and elves!

If anyone here has read HoO, you will know that the final battle against Gaea was pretty anticlimactic.

If you haven’t (shame on you go read it), here’s what you need to know: 7 demigods need to defeat Gaea, the incarnation of Earth itself. So Gaea is a force to be reckoned with.

Everyone single person warned the seven that once Gaea wakes up, it’s game over. Period.

How the battle went was like this: Piper charmspoke Gaea to sleep while Leo and Octavian effectively set themselves on fire and died. (Leo came back to life)

Piper charmspeaking Gaea makes no sense!

The six rules of charmspeak—1: is a female, 2: knows she is being charmspoken, 3: is an extremely powerful deity, 4: is being told to do the exact opposite of what she wants to do, 5: is not attracted to the charmspeaker, and 6: has very strong willpower—all apply to Gaea.

So, basically, ol’ Uncle Rick broke his own rules (like the Prophecy of Seven).

And if Gaea gave birth to beings that need a god and demigod to slay them—the giants—why was she only killed taken care of by 7 demigods?

In my class, we are learning how to refute stories in their own world. In the real world, it makes no sense for gods to have children, said children go to war to protect their immortal parents with limitless powers. But in the Riordanverse realm, this is normal and makes total sense.

(I don’t know why I told you that…)

What should’ve happened was Bob and Damasen should’ve come from Tartarus and helped to fight Gaea before she was fully conscious. And all of the major Olympians.

Both of the (entire) camps should’ve also helped, and even then, just barely win.

So… petition to make that happen!


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