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Fighting to the last man

Salvete, amicae!

Today I am sad because I came across someone absolutely hating on Percabeth. *sniffles*

To get one thing clear… uh, aUtUmN, I will not beat someone or find their house if they ship Perachel (no my next post isn’t complaining about Perachel).

I don’t—personally—hate the character Rachel. Nor do I hate the shippers. I just hate the ship itself.

I will not deny that Rachel Elizabeth Dare is a wonderful (fictional) person!

But, being the Oracle of Delphi, she can’t date. It’s a rule made by Apollo—which he soon regretted after he made it, having met a hot Sibyl.

There are some bad people out there who think ships are their lifelines. And think it’s okay to literally threaten someone to take down Pernico or Fitzbie oneshots on Tumblr or whatever.

With Annabeth judo-flipping Percy after he got major trauma, I get that!

And I will admit that people will absolutely flip their freaking shi—uh, crap—if Percy did that to Annabeth.

But Annabeth can take it. She’s the complete opposite of the stereotypical dumb blonde.

And as much I want to, I can’t see any flaw in what you’re saying, except for… EVERYTHING.


As for all of your points, let me counter them.

1: it’s an abusive relationship.

Uh, no. No, no, no, no, no!

It’s not, at all. Actually, when Annabeth flipped Percy onto the pavement, he laughed. Laughed.

That shows like, not being worried!

And Reyna, the other leader at the time, respected that!

She didn’t kill Annabeth when the eidolon/Leo fired on New Rome. Which is a shock, because this is Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano!

And you have no other points for that, so let’s move on.

2: it’s mentally abusive.

Yeah, no. The nickname Seaweed Brain is a joke.

It’s from when they were getting to know each other!

Not to mention, the little nugget of the nickname is also the ship name, Seaweed=Percy, Brain=Annabeth. Duh!

And Percy never was offended by it!

3: it’s rushed and forced (the relationship).

Since when? When?

The reasoning is because… Annabeth liked Percy since they were 12?

*sigh* What girl anywhere has admitted their crush on a boy immediately? Not me, that’s for sure. I liked this one boy for 2 years, then he broke my heart but still every girl likes him. How am I supposed to… uh, that’s getting off track.

Okay, and may I note that Annabeth was flirting with Percy, but he didn’t notice. And since the PJO series is from his view, no one really noticed.

Also, it says that “Last summer she’d fallen for him hard.” (page 15) after she admitted that she did like him when they were 12.

So it was a crush, and she didn’t admit it, but then it was more love “last summer”. So then she admits. And they’re a happy couple! (Note the happy.)

Then Her Majesty The Loose Cannon took Percy and ruined it blah blah blah.

4: Annabeth is extremely possessive.

Who isn’t? I’m possessive of my books and things. I won’t deny it. It’s true.

Sure, being possessive of a person isn’t something anyone should do, especially since Percabeth weren’t dating.

But, what person is flawless? That’s one of her flaws (not hubris, her fatal flaw).

And Annabeth doesn’t hate Rachel anymore!

But now, you’re not pointing out flaws in Percabeth, you’re straight up dissing every Percabeth shipper and Annabeth herself.

Because… well, look at this.

Fine. Let me pull out “The Last Olympian.”

And—what do you know?—I’ve found no proof whatsoever. There is the typical dang-it-another-girl-made-a-move-on-my-crush thing, which is normal!

The only thing is Percy tells Beckendorf to not tell Annabeth, which might signal some uh, ohs.

At this point, you’re turning anthills into mountains, and in doing so you’re insulting everyone who doesn’t agree with you, which is exactly what you were complaining about!

Let’s move on. (Stop it. GET SOME HELP.)

5: it’s mostly fans creating love.

Haha! Oh, that was an actual point?

How? How?

Literally all this point is complaining about “creepy, toxic, rude fans.”

You’re being that person right now!

6: Perachel is better.

•note: I’m about to scream, but that’s not because I hate this person•




*deep breath and thoughts of Percabeth, the real OTP, so shut up please*

Rick did not give in to fans, Rachel became the Oracle. And she got over Percy.

And he obviously thinks of Rachel as a friend (friendzoned oof)!

7: they only care about each other.

How is that bad?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Isn’t that a good thing?!

I’m honestly done, because just wow. Wow.

But I think I’ll attempt a link. 👇

Did I do it? No?

Well, you have the website address, so that’s good.

I’ll be using these rants to counter in my blog, or agree with and expand on.


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