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I’m going to share my ships, favorite characters, least favorite characters, et cetera. Note that ‘favorite’ means the best of the best (to me), so if say, Marella isn’t one of my favorites, I still like her, but not as much as Sophie.


Ships: Sokeefe, Tiana, Linella, and Stinitz.

Favorite characters: Sophie, Keefe, Marella, Tam, Linh, Maruca, Biana, most of the adults/parents (even Vespera and Gethen!), Wylie, Dex, the triplets (can’t remember their names), and Amy Foster/Natalie Freeman.

Least favorite character: Fitz. (Let me explain real quick: Sophie and other people are okay with Fitz ‘cause he’s on their side, but he’s awful. At least with the Neverseen, we know they’re evil, but Fitz is unpredictably bad.)

Favorite book: Nightfall.

Favorite cover: Nightfall again.


(Moment of silence please, for Bob and Damasen. *screams and cries whyyyyyyyy*)

Ships: Percabeth, Frazel, Gruinper, Solanglo, Jasper, Caleo, Tyella, Piper and Shel (Don’t know the ship name), and Silena and Beckandorf.

Favorite characters: Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, Lester/Apollo, Meg, Lavinia, Hazel, Frank, Jason (*sobs*), Piper, Leo, Rayna, Hylla, Sally, Estelle, Zoë, Nico, Bianca, Luke, the Stoll brothers, Rachel, Tyson, and Festus (does he count?).

Least favorite characters: Gaia/Gaea, Kronos, the rest of the Titans and giants (BuT NOt Bob AnD DamAsEN), Ethan, Triumvirate Holdings, and Python.

Favorite book: BotL for PJO, HoH for HoO, and The Dark Prophecy for ToA. (Man I love using abbreviations!)

Favorite cover: Tyrant’s Tomb and The Tower of Nero (both from ToA).

The Kane Chronicles:

Ships: (I know none of the ship names, so sorry) Zia and Carter and Walt/Anubis and Sadie.

Favorite characters: Carter, Sadie, Walt/Anubis, Zia, the Russian dude (Don’t look at me like that!), and Amos.

Least favorite characters: Apophis and Set.

Favorite book: Serpent’s Shadow.

Favorite cover: The Throne of Fire.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard:

Ships: Fierrochase, Mallory and Halfborn, Blitzen and Hearthstone, Samirah and Amir.

Favorite characters: Magnus, Alex, Blitzen, Hearthstone, TJ, Mallory, Halfborn, Sam, Jack the 🗡and technically Percy and Annabeth.

Least favorite characters: Fenris, Loki, and the fire giant (I forgot his name 😅).

Favorite book: Hammer of Thor.

Favorite cover: Also Hammer of Thor.


That took way too long.

But… ta-da!!

*leaves to take a nap*

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