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The cake book-tag!! 🍰

Erin @ Reading on a Star did this tag and kindly gave me instructions. Go check her out!

This is (very obviously) my first tag, so sorry in advance if I mess up.

Chocolate: a dark book that you loved. 🌚🍫

Sorry, the pictures will suck. 😅

First things first: don’t read this until you’re like, 20! Please! I’m scarred for life. *faints*

All ‘scars’ aside, this is a wonderful story and I recommend it.

It takes place during World War II. So there is very bloody moments and sacrifice.

Vanilla: favorite light read. 🍦🌝

I love this book and all other books written by this author. It’s a heartwarming and breaking story and I’ve read it five times. Go read it!!

Red velvet: a read that gave you mixed feelings. 🥴

This is a young kid’s book, so it’s very short. Why are you looking at me like that?

As many of you don’t know, I am a Greek geek, even before Percy Jackson.

So reading any Greek myths, adapted or no, I get excited.

But I took one look and thought, I’m gonna hate this. So of course, I immediately got it.

The idea is wonderful. Pets named after gods and inadvertently recreating myths.

But, then the myths are a bit scrambled and that triggers me.

And then the- you know what? I’ll stop rambling.

Cheesecake: a book you’d recommend to everyone. 🤗

All of the covers!!
These are not the actual covers, but there are 21 books (three five book series and two three book series) so this is the best I could do.

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Screw one book, I’m doing several series!!!

Yelling and spoilers coming! You have been warned.

*deep breath*

KotLC: Sophie FosterXKeefe Sencen! Screw Fitz! TIANA! What happened to Ruy? Why did Kenric dieeeeeeeee? Why Team Valiant? Gethen is Sophie’s DAD!


HoO: PERCABETH. JASPER. FRAZEL. CALEO!!!! Octavian is Fitz times ten! The Argo II!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOANGELO!!!!

KC: AHHHHHHHHH!!! But representing!!!! Go, Carter!!


ToA: *screams* WhY APoLlO? Poor Meggggggggg. Triumvirate Holdings SUCKS.

Alrighty. You’re still alive, so go read all. Those. Books.

(I suck at convincing.)

Coffee: a book you started but never finished. ☕️

There’s no excuse. I started it, wasn’t interested, left. But the reason I choose this one and not Artistotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (I can hear Erin screaming in background, “I GAVE YOU INSTRUCTIONS AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME??????!!!!!!”) is because it’s by John David Anderson, aka one of my favorite authors.

From what I can tell, it’s about a dude named Malcolm who gets good at mini golf.

Carrot: a book with great writing. 🥕✍🏼

Yes, a child has read Becoming. The reason I picked this up was because I saw my teacher reading it, and thought, that looks like a good book.

And it was! It’s the autobiography of Michelle Obama. I got to follow her from the playground to the White House.

Being the first African-American (trying my best to not offend anybody…) First Lady, people will nitpick at everything she does, which is obviously stressful.

For example, when Barack Obama fist-bumped… someone, the reports said that was a Muslim greeting thing and OH MY GODS he’s going to destroy the country.

What? Wait- *laughs* How?

The end!

So this is the cake book tag, if you want to do it… I think you have to tag me and Reading On A Star?

(Future Blue here again! I’d like to apologize for doing this wrong in SO. MANY. WAYS. Oof.)

(Buut… it’s kinda endearing… so just, uh, don’t blame me for how stupid I was only less than a year ago.)

(Also the time gap of two weeks is cause of the fan fiction I deleted. So I actually posted practically every day.)

(And don’t worry: no more Future Blue. Probably! 😃)

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